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KHI offers video and PC game soundtracks for download in a very otherwise difficult to get MP3 and lossless forms. Want to get your favourite game's OST? You have found the right place.

Total albums: 38,392
Total songs: 1,134,543
Total size: 10307 GB

KHInsider's archive contains both music extracted directly from games and converted into MP3 and lossless formats, as well as long lost albums that you can't even find on ebay.

A gamerip is a collection of music that has been extracted directly from the game, and sometimes it has been tagged with correct song names and numbers, and the songs have been looped for a better listening experience. Some gamerips are so good, they function as soundtracks.

An original soundtrack or OST is an album that has been either physically or digitally released by the game's developers. These albums have correct track lengths, loops, track names and numbers, but often are incomplete, as representing every sound in a game can be cumbersome.

Some enjoy a game's music so much, that they want to create their own take on it. These are uploaded as either arrangements, remixes or unofficial soundtracks. Some arrangements are official, as they are done by the game's creators.

Want to participate? Please head to our forums to request or upload new albums.

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July 27th, 2022

July 26th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Asphalt 3 Street Rules Mobile, Windows Gamerip 2008
Babylon's Fall Original Soundtrack PS5, Windows, Xbox Soundtrack 2022
Betty Boop's Double Shift DS Gamerip 2007
EDGE Extended Android Gamerip 2012
Impact Winter (Original Game Soundtrack) PS4, Windows, Xbox One Soundtrack 2018
Imperia Online (Original Game Soundtrack), Pt. 1 Android, MacOS, Windows Soundtrack 2015
Imperia Online (Original Game Soundtrack), Pt. 2 Android, MacOS, Windows Soundtrack 2015
New Super Lucky's Tale (Original Soundtrack) PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Soundtrack 2020
RESOLUTiiON Ambient (Original Game Soundtrack) Linux, MacOS, Switch, Windows Soundtrack 2020
Returnal, Vol. 2 (Original Soundtrack) PS5, Windows Soundtrack 2022
Serious Sam 4 (Original Game Soundtrack) PS5, Stadia, Windows, Xbox Series X/S Soundtrack 2021
Shrek Extra Large GC Gamerip 2002
Signs of the Sojourner (Original Game Soundtrack) MacOS, PS4, Switch, Xbox One Soundtrack 2020
Steredenn iOS, Linux, MacOS, PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Soundtrack 2015
Streamlined (Original Game Soundtrack) Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox One Soundtrack 2020
TFZ (Original Game Soundtrack) Soundtrack 2022
Utimate Spider-Man - Total Mayhem Android, iOS, Mobile Gamerip 2011
Windjammers 2 Original Soundtrack PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Soundtrack 2022
World of Tanks Official Soundtrack Pt. 3 Android, iOS, MacOS, PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One Soundtrack 2020
WRECKFEST Soundtrack PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Compilation 2018

July 25th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Bang Bang Racing Android, PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2012
Before I Rise / Jun Maeda × yanaginagi Android, iOS Single 2022
Blank Dream Windows Gamerip 2015
Castlevania VRC6-Arrangement (2020) Family Computer, NES Arrangement 2020
English of the Dead DS Gamerip 2008
Extreme Road Trip 2 Android, iOS, Windows Gamerip 2012
Fantasy Aquarium By DS DS Gamerip 2008
Golf Story Original Soundtrack Switch Soundtrack 2018
Green Green 3 Sofmap Original SPECIAL TRIBUTE ALBUM PS2, Windows Remix 2005
Hot Wheels - Track Attack Wii Gamerip 2010
Manabu Namiki WORKS Vol.2 ~Thunder Dragon 2~ Arcade Soundtrack 2011
NEKOPARA vol.4 OP ED Windows Single 2020
Passpartout: The Starving Artist Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Gamerip 2017
QuickSpot DS Gamerip 2007
Race Driver: Create & Race DS Gamerip 2007
Re-Volt Android, Dreamcast, iOS, Linux, MacOS, N64, PS1, Windows, Xbox Gamerip 1999
Sakura no Mori † Dreamers Windows Gamerip 2016
Serious Sam - Siberian Mayhem Windows Gamerip 2022
Seven Pirates H ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PS Vita, Switch Soundtrack 2022
SHOOTING LOVE 200X Original Soundtrack Arcade, Xbox 360 Soundtrack 2010
Sonic CD - Restored Beta Loop Soundtrack Android, Genesis / Mega Drive, iOS, Mobile, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Arrangement 2022
Spinch (Original Game Soundtrack) MacOS, Switch, Windows Soundtrack 2019
The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Gamerip 2017
The Textorcist Soundtrack Linux, MacOS, PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Soundtrack 2019
Touhou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part II OST Windows Soundtrack 2019
USA TODAY: Crossword Challenge DS Gamerip 2008
Video Game Songs Vol. 1 Compilation 2016
Video Game Songs Vol. 2 Compilation 2016
Video Game Songs Vol. 3 Compilation 2017
Video Game Songs Vol. 4 Compilation 2017
Video Game Songs Vol. 5 Compilation 2018
Video Game Songs Vol. 6 Compilation 2019

July 24th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Aki no Urara no ~Akaneiro Shoutengai~ Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2007
Ano Ko wa Maruchi Girl Reservation CD 'TRYSET MIX III' Windows Single 2005
Ano Machi no Koi no Uta Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2006
Aretha - The Shining Land SNES Arrangement 1993
CC Hospital Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2006
FairChild Arrange Soundtrack Windows Arrangement 2007
FairChild Original MAXI Single Windows Single 2007
FairChild Theme Song Short Version Collection Windows Soundtrack 2007
GATE KEEPERS SPIRITS Anime Soundtrack 2000
Gekkou no Carnevale Original Soundtrack "Otogi no Tsuki no Capriccio" Windows Soundtrack 2007
Katakoi no Tsuki Vocal Collection Windows Single 2007
Kazoku Keikaku ~Kaikou~ Original Arrange Soundtrack Windows Arrangement 2006
Killer Queen Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2006
Nuigurumer Special BGM Collection Windows Soundtrack 2004
Nukenin ~Hokaku Soshite Choukyou He~ Original Sound Track Phantasmagoria Windows Soundtrack 2006
OVA Rhythm ~ Koi no Rhythm Soundtrack Anime Soundtrack 1998
Raiden IV original sound track -Ultimate of Raiden- Arcade, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Windows, Xbox 360 Soundtrack 2009
Raiden Trad SNES Gamerip 1992
Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori THEME SONG CD Windows Soundtrack 2004
Shinshou Genmukan Original Sound Track Windows Soundtrack 2004
Subete Ubatteyaru! Yoyakutokuten Special disk Windows Soundtrack 2005
Tanjou ~Debut~ Vocal Collection Anime Soundtrack 1994
TERA The Exiled Realm of Arborea Original Soundtrack Part 1 Linux, MacOS, Windows Soundtrack 2012
Tsumakoi Ecchi na Drama iri Soundtrack "Misato and Harumi's Doki Doki Story" Windows Soundtrack 2006
TwinWay ~Ima wo Dakishimete~ Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2005

July 23rd, 2022

July 22nd, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Ai no Maid Hotel Monogatari ~Itoshi no Sukumizu Maid~ Okaeshi CD Windows Soundtrack 2004
Black & White 2 Windows Gamerip 2005
Crowd Music Disc ~I've SOUND SERIES~ Windows Compilation 2003
Dark Wizard ~Sorcerer of the Resurrected Darkness~ Drama CD Genesis / Mega Drive Soundtrack 1997
Drill Girl Yui Opening Wing of Justice Maxi CD 2004
Eberouge Densetsu PS1, Saturn Soundtrack 1996
Eshi ~Kakusareta Omoi~ Official Mail Order CD -Miyako ni Hibiku Kiniro no Uta- Windows Soundtrack 2005
Examinator SOUND TRACK Windows Soundtrack 2007
Friday Night Funkin' - The Walten Files Online, Windows Gamerip 2021
Game Music Battle ManiaX & EtlanZ 1st Year Anniversary Album Arcade, Family Computer, GB, NES, PC-98, PS1, TurboGrafx-16 Arrangement 2003
Ganso Bakuretsu Hunter Deluxe Album Kinden Gyokuro Anime Soundtrack 1997
Kaze no Uta Original Sound Track Dreamcast, Windows Soundtrack 2002
Kuruizaki Virgin Road Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2005
L'Heure Bleue original soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2005
LITTLEWITCH VOCAL COLLECTION Vol.1 Windows Compilation 2006
Lunar Wing Original Soundtrack PS1 Soundtrack 2000
Lunatic Dawn III Original Drama CD PS2 Soundtrack 1999
Shining Tears / Soichiro Hoshi PS2 Single 2004
Sora no Ue no Omocha Original Sound Track Windows Soundtrack 2005
Sora to Kioku no Kanata Original Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2006
Sora Uta Sofmap Special Disc 2004
Torikago Original Sound Track CD Windows Soundtrack 2004
Utawarerumono Zan 2 - Senjin Genmu PS4, PS5 Single 2021
Utawarerumono Zan 2 Complete Soundtrack PS4, PS5 Soundtrack 2021

July 21st, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
ALCHEMY STARS Music Collection Vol.1 Android, iOS Soundtrack 2021

July 20th, 2022