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Album Platform Type Year
100-in-1-Contra Function 16 (Unlicensed) Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1991
Contra Arcade Gamerip 1987
Contra MSX2 Gamerip 1989
Contra Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1988
Contra - ContraBand NES
Contra 4 DS Gamerip 2007
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX GBA, Wii U Gamerip 2002
Contra Arranged Soundtrack NES Arrangement 2016
Contra Chronicle Vol.1 coupling with "HARD CORPS:UPRISING" DS, Genesis / Mega Drive, PS3, Xbox 360 Compilation 2015
Contra Chronicle Vol.2 The Beginning of the Legends 3DS, Arcade, Family Computer, GB, Mobile, MSX2, NES, PS2, SNES, Wii Compilation 2016
Contra Dual Spirits ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK DS Soundtrack 2008
Contra Evolution Android Gamerip 2013
Contra Force NES Gamerip 1992
Contra III: The Alien Wars GB Gamerip 1994
Contra III: The Alien Wars SNES Gamerip 1992
Contra III: The Alien Wars Original Video Game Soundtrack SNES Soundtrack 2017
Contra JP NES Gamerip 1988
Contra Medley 2003
CONTRA SPIRITS Arcade, Family Computer, GB, MSX2, NES, SNES Soundtrack 1992
Contra Spirits (Unlicensed) NES Gamerip 1996
Contra: Hard Corps Genesis / Mega Drive Gamerip 1994
Contra: Legacy of War PS1 Gamerip 1996
Contra: Legacy of War Saturn Gamerip 1997
Contra: Shattered Soldier PS2 Gamerip 2002
Contra: Shattered Soldier FMV Audio PS2 Gamerip 2002
Dracula Densetsu ReBirth & Contra ReBirth Original Soundtrack Wii Compilation 2010
Music from Super Contra & A-JAX Arcade, PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Compilation 1988
Neo Contra PS2 Gamerip 2004
NEO CONTRA Original Soundtrack PS2 Soundtrack 2011
Shin Contra Original Soundtrack PS2 Soundtrack 2002
Super C Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1990
Super Contra Arcade Gamerip 1988
Super Contra (HD) Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1990
Super Contra 7 (Dendy) Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1996
Super Contra 7 NES Gamerip
The Contra Adventure PS1 Gamerip 1998