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How To Upload Albums

Where do I upload an album?

You cannot upload albums directly to the site. Please upload albums to a 3rd party website, such as, Google Drive or Mediafire, and post a link to in the upload forum

After you post a link in the upload forum, I will take a look at your upload and add it to the site! All uploads go through moderation!

All uploads are normally looked at next day, but can take up to 4 days if I am working on other parts of the site.

All albums need to be labeled with the following metadata:

1. Album Type

  • Gamerip - the most common type of album is a gamerip. These are files that are extracted from a game. They can be numbered, labeled and looped, and may even look like an actual soundtrack in the end. These albums are labeled [type=gamerip] or simply [gamerip]
  • Soundtrack - an OST is an official album release, either digital or physical. If available, please include a catalog number in your post. These albums are labeled [type=ost]
  • Single - Same as a soundtrack, this is an official release, but contains for the most part just 1 track and various variations of it, so its hard to call it a full blown soundtrack. These albums are labeled [type=single]
  • Arrangement - an official soundtrack release, but instead of containing music from a game, it contains arrangements of tracks that are in a game. These albums are labeled [type=arrange]
  • Remix - is an unofficial soundtrack that could be made by anyone, and contains remixes of tracks that are in a game. These albums are labeled [type=remix]
  • Inspired By - fan albums, these are soundtracks that can be created by anyone. They do not feature music that was in video games, however, the music in them is similar in fashion to that in a particular video game or video game series. These albums are labeled [type=inspiredby]

2. Year

If you are posting a gamerip, please include the year the game was first released.

If you are posting a gamerip of a game on a specific platform, please include the year the game was released on that platform (this is often the same as the year the game was first released, but not always).

If you are posting a Soundtrack, Single, Arrangement, Remix or Fan album, please include the year that album was released. If that is not possible as the year is not known, please post the year of release of the game that is most related to that album, so that we at least have some idea what era this is coming from.

Year is a 4 digit number posted like this [year], for example, [2022].

3. Platform

You can find a list of platforms here: list of platforms

If you are uploading a gamerip of a game, please include which platform that gamerip is from. If a gamerip is the same on lots of platforms, please include all of them.

If you are posting a soundtrack, single, arrangement or remix, and that album is related to just 1 game, please post the platforms that game was released on. Soundtracks that contain music from several games on lots of platforms do not need to include platform info.

Inspired By / Fan albums do not need to include platform info.

Platform info is posted as [platform] and several platforms are posted after each other. For example, the album A World of Keflings would be labeled [PC] [Wii U] [X360].

Alternative Titles

Same games and soundtracks have alternative titles, possibly in other languages (mostly Japanese), but sometimes just different spelling or formatting of the same album name. Posting alternative titles will make it easier for anyone searching for the game to find it.

Alternative titles can simply be added in square brackets [] to the game name. For example, the Persona 5 Original Soundtrack can be labeled
"Persona 5 Original Soundtrack [PERSONA5 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK] [『ペルソナ5』 オリジナル・サウンドトラック] [type=ost] [PS4] [PS3] [2017]"

Alternative titles do not always have to be official titles. Alternative titles are used by the search engine and make it easier for everyone to find the titles they want.

Developer / Publisher / Catalog Number

You can also add Developer / Publisher / Catalog number data to album titles.

Catalog numbers are for soundtracks and all other types of officially released media that have a catalog number. There is no catalog number for gamerips.

Developers are usually relevant only for gamerips, as this is the game's developing company.

You can post multiple developers / publishers by separating them with a comma ","

This data is formatted like this:

  • [publisher=xxxxxx,yyyyy]
  • [developer=xxxxxx,yyyyy]
  • [catalog=xxxxxx]

Thank you for uploading soundtracks!