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How To Upload Albums

Where do I upload an album?

You cannot upload albums directly to the site. Please upload albums to a 3rd party website, such as, Google Drive or Mediafire, and post the link through the upload interface here.

Once you make the post, I will take a look at your upload and add it to the site! All uploads go through moderation!

All uploads are normally looked at next day, but can take up to 4 days if I am working on other parts of the site.

Album Upload Queue

If you are uploading an album that has recently been released, please check this list to make sure you are not uploading a duplicate somebody has already sent it.

Click here for the Album Upload Queue.

Album Blacklist

Please make sure the album you are going to upload is not on the blacklist.

Click here for the Blacklist.

Thank you for uploading soundtracks!