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KHI offers video and PC game soundtracks for download in a very otherwise difficult to get MP3 and lossless forms. Want to get your favourite game's OST? You have found the right place.

Total albums: 38,387
Total songs: 1,134,158
Total size: 10299 GB

KHInsider's archive contains both music extracted directly from games and converted into MP3 and lossless formats, as well as long lost albums that you can't even find on ebay.

A gamerip is a collection of music that has been extracted directly from the game, and sometimes it has been tagged with correct song names and numbers, and the songs have been looped for a better listening experience. Some gamerips are so good, they function as soundtracks.

An original soundtrack or OST is an album that has been either physically or digitally released by the game's developers. These albums have correct track lengths, loops, track names and numbers, but often are incomplete, as representing every sound in a game can be cumbersome.

Some enjoy a game's music so much, that they want to create their own take on it. These are uploaded as either arrangements, remixes or unofficial soundtracks. Some arrangements are official, as they are done by the game's creators.

Want to participate? Please head to our forums to request or upload new albums.

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June 24th, 2022

June 23rd, 2022

June 22nd, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Blackjack NES Gamerip 1992
Earth Joker - U.N. Defense Force Arcade Gamerip 1993
F-1 Race NES Gamerip 1984
Falsion FDS Gamerip 1987
Heavy Shreddin' - The Snowboarding Video Game NES Gamerip 1990
Puzznic NES Gamerip 1990
Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge NES Gamerip
SpongeBob SquarePants - Legend of the Lost Spatula GB Gamerip 2001
Star Cruiser X68000 Gamerip 1989
Star Trader PC-88 Gamerip 1989
Star Trader X68000 Gamerip 1991
Starfire PC-98 Gamerip 1994
Steam-Heart's (PC-9801, OPN) PC-98 1994
Stellar Assault (32X) Genesis / Mega Drive Gamerip 1994
Street Fighter II GB Gamerip 1995
Street Fighter II Champion Edition TurboGrafx-16 Gamerip 1993
Strider NES Gamerip 1989
Stuart Little - The Journey Home GB Gamerip 2001
Sunday Funday NES Gamerip 1985
Super Contra NES Gamerip 1990
Super Mario Bros 2 NES Gamerip 1988
Super Mario Bros. NES Gamerip 1985
Super Mario Land GB Gamerip 1989
Super Mario Land 2 - Six Golden Coins GB Gamerip 1992
Super Real Mahjong PIV X68000 Gamerip 1994
Sweet Home NES Gamerip 1989
TaleSpin NES Gamerip 1991
Tarot Uranai FDS Gamerip 1988
Technocop NES Gamerip 1988
Tecmo Cup - Soccer Game JP NES Gamerip 1988
Tecmo NBA Basketball NES Gamerip 1992
Tecmo World Wrestling NES Gamerip 1989
Tekken 2 NES Gamerip
Tenka no Goikenban - Mito Koumon NES Gamerip 1987
Tenkaichi Bushi - Keru Naguuru NES Gamerip 1989
Tenshi-tachi no Houkago FDS Gamerip 1989
Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou NES Gamerip 1989
Tetris 2 + BomBliss NES Gamerip 1991
Tetris 2 JP NES Gamerip 1993
Tetris Plus GBS Conversion NES Gamerip 1996
Tetsudou Ou NES Gamerip 1987
Tetsuwan Atom NES Gamerip 1988
The Legend of Zelda NES Gamerip 1986
The Three Stooges NES Gamerip 1989
Thomas the Tank Engine NES Gamerip 1993
Thunder & Lightning JP NES Gamerip 1990
Thunder Warrior NES Gamerip 1992
Thunderbolt 2 NES Gamerip
Tian Long Ba Bu NES Gamerip
Tiger-Heli NES Gamerip 1986
Time Diver Eon Man NES Gamerip 1993
Time Zone NES Gamerip 1991
Titan NES Gamerip 1990
Titan Warriors NES Gamerip 1988
Titanic NES Gamerip
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six GB Gamerip 2000
Toobin' GB Gamerip 2000
Torpedo Range GB Gamerip 1991
Totsugeki! Papparatai GB Gamerip 2000
Tottemo! Lucky Man - Lucky Cookie Minna Daisuki!! GB Gamerip 1994
Touhou 01 Reiiden - Highly Responsive to Prayers. PC-98 Gamerip 1996
Touhou 02 Fuumaroku ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland (PC-9801, OPNA) 1997
Touhou 02 Fuumaroku ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland. (PC-9801, OPN) 1997
Touhou 03 Yumejikuu - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. (PC-9801, OPN) 1997
Touhou 03 Yumejikuu - Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. (PC-9801, OPNA) 1997
Touhou 04 Gensoukyou - Lotus Land Story. PC-98 Gamerip 1998
Touhou 05 Kaikidan - Mystic Square. PC-98 Gamerip 1998
Touhou 06 Koumakyou - the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. IBM PC/AT Gamerip 2002
Touhou 07 Youyoumu - Perfect Cherry Blossom. IBM PC/AT Gamerip 2003
Touhou 08 Eiyashou - Imperishable Night. IBM PC/AT Gamerip 2004
Touhou 09 Kaeidzuka - Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Taiken Ban IBM PC/AT Gamerip 2005
Toujin Makyou Den - Heracles no Eikou Family Computer Gamerip 1987
Tour De France (Vectrex) 1983
Toy Pop (Sharp X1 Turbo) Gamerip 1989
Toy Story (Dendy) 1997
Track Meet GB Gamerip 1992
Traffic Department 2192 IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1994
Transformers - Convoy no Nazo Family Computer Gamerip 1986
Trax GB Gamerip 1991
Treasures of the Savage Frontier IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1991
Trick Boarder GB Gamerip 2000
Tricky Kick TurboGrafx-16 Gamerip 1991
Trouballs GB Gamerip 2001
Trump Boy GB Gamerip 1990
Trump Boy II GB Gamerip 1990
Trump Collection GB GB Gamerip 1997
Truxton (Toaplan 1) Arcade Gamerip 1988
Truxton II Arcade Gamerip 1992
Tsume Go Series 1 - Fujisawa Hideyuki Meiyo Kisei GB Gamerip 1994
Tsume Shougi - Hyakuban Shoubu GB Gamerip 1994
Tsume Shougi - Kanki Godan GB Gamerip 1994
Tsume Shougi - Mondai Teikyou Shougi Sekai GB Gamerip 1994
Tsuri Sensei GB Gamerip 1998
Tsuri Sensei 2 GB Gamerip 1999
Tube Panic Arcade Gamerip 1984
Tumble Pop GB Gamerip 1992
TV Champion GB Gamerip 1994
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure GB Gamerip 2000
TwinBee Family Computer Gamerip 1986
TwinBee (SCC+) MSX Gamerip 1989
TwinBee X68000 Gamerip 1988
TwinBee 3 - Poko Poko Daimaou Family Computer Gamerip 1989
TwinBee Da!! GB Gamerip 1990
U.N. Squadron (CP System) Arcade Gamerip 1989
Ufouria - The Saga NES Gamerip 1991
Ultra Toukon Densetsu Arcade Gamerip 1993
Undercover Cops (W) (Irem M92) Arcade Gamerip 1992
UWC NES Gamerip
Valkyrie No Densetsu (Namco System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1989
Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire (CP System II) Arcade Gamerip 1997
Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation Arcade Gamerip 1989
Varth - Operation Thunder Storm (CP System) Arcade Gamerip 1992
Versus Net Soccer (Konami GX) Arcade Gamerip 1996
Video Hustler (Frogger) Arcade Gamerip 1981
Viewpoint Arcade, Neo Geo Gamerip 1992
Viper Phase 1 (Seibu SPI System) Arcade Gamerip 1995
Virtua Fighter (Model 1) Arcade Gamerip 1993
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Arcade, Neo Geo Gamerip 1995
Vs Raid on Bungeling Bay (VS System) Arcade Gamerip 1985
Warrior Blade - Rastan Saga Episode III Arcade Gamerip 1992
Water Match (System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1984
Wave Shark (Konami ZR107) Arcade Gamerip 1996
WEC Le Mans 24 Arcade Gamerip 1986

June 21st, 2022

June 20th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Flying Dragon - The Secret Scroll NES Gamerip 1987
Flying Hero NES Gamerip 1989
Formation Z NES Gamerip 1985
Friday the 13th NES Gamerip 1989
Galaga NES Gamerip 1985
Galaxian NES Gamerip 1984
Genpei Toumaden - Computer Boardgame NES Gamerip 1988
Gyrodine NES Gamerip 1986
Higemaru Makaijima - Nanatsu no Shima Daibouken NES Gamerip 1987
Hit the Ice NES Gamerip 1993
Ikari Warriors NES Gamerip 1986
Ikari Warriors II - Victory Road NES Gamerip 1988
Solar Jetman - Hunt for the Golden Warpship NES Gamerip 1990
Solomon's Key NES Gamerip 1986
South Park GB Gamerip
Space Harrier NES Gamerip 1989
Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge (Apple IIgs) Amiga, Atari ST, MacOS, MS-DOS 1988
Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge (IBM PCjr) 1987
Space Squash Virtual Boy Gamerip 1995
Spanky's Quest GB Gamerip 1991
Spawn GB Gamerip 1999
Speedy Gonzales GB Gamerip 1994
Spelunker NES Gamerip 1985
Spider-Man GB Gamerip 2000
Spirou GB Gamerip 1996
Splatterhouse (Namco) TurboGrafx-16 Gamerip 1990
Square no Tom Sawyer NES Gamerip 1989
Star Force NES Gamerip 1987
Star Soldier NES Gamerip 1986
StarTropics II - Zoda's Revenge NES Gamerip 1994
Swords and Serpents NES Gamerip 1990
Sylviana - Ai Ippai no Boukensha FDS Gamerip 1988
T&C Surf Designs - Thrilla's Surfari NES Gamerip 1992
T&C Surf Designs - Wood and Water Rage NES Gamerip 1988
T2 - The Arcade Game GB Gamerip 1992
Tag Team Wrestling NES Gamerip 1986
Tagin' Dragon NES Gamerip 1990
Tai Kong Huan Xiang NES Gamerip
Taikyoku Renju GB Gamerip 1990
Taisen Tsume Shougi GB Gamerip 2000
Taito Grand Prix - Eikou he no License NES Gamerip 1987
Taiwan Mahjong 2 NES Gamerip 1992
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe - Ohanabatake wa Dai-panic GB Gamerip 1994
Taiyou no Yuusha - Fighbird GB GB Gamerip 1991
Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird NES Gamerip 1992
Takahashi Meijin no Bugutte Honey NES Gamerip 1987
Takeda Nobuhiro no Ace Striker GB Gamerip 1994
Takeda Shingen NES Gamerip 1988
Takeshi no Chousenjou NES Gamerip 1986
Takeshi no Sengoku Fuuunji NES Gamerip 1988
Tamura Koushou Mahjong Seminar NES Gamerip 1990
Tang Bo Hu Dian Qiu Xiang NES Gamerip
Tanigawa Kouji no Shougi Shinan III NES Gamerip 1989
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Kiken na Ninin FDS Gamerip 1988
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen Satsujin Jiken FDS Gamerip 1987
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni NES Gamerip 1990
Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Yokohamakou Renzoku Satsujin Jiken NES Gamerip 1988
Tao NES Gamerip 1989
Tasac NES Gamerip 1991
Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai NES Gamerip 1989
Tasmania Story GB Gamerip 1990
Tekichuu Rush GB Gamerip 1993
Tenchi wo Kurau GB Gamerip 1994
Tesserae GB Gamerip 1993
Test Drive 2001 GB Gamerip 2000
Tetris 2 GB Gamerip 1993
Tetris Blast GB Gamerip 1995
The Secret of Monkey Island IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1990
The Simpsons IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1991
The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1991
The Tower of Druaga GB Gamerip 1990
The Tower of Druaga TurboGrafx-16 Gamerip 1992
The Tower of Gazzel (OPLL) MSX2 Gamerip 1991
The Tower of Gazzel (PSG) MSX2 Gamerip 1991
The Treehouse Windows Gamerip 1991
Thexder (IBM PCjr, Tandy 1000) Gamerip 1987
Thexder (NEC PC-88mkII SR) 1985
Three Sisters' Story IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1996
Thunderbirds GB Gamerip 2000
Time Pilot (PSG) MSX Gamerip 1983
Tintin in Tibet GB Gamerip 1994
Tip Off GB Gamerip 1993
Titus the Fox - To Marrakech and Back Windows Gamerip 1992
TM Network - Live in Power Bowl Family Computer Gamerip 1989
TM Network - Live in Power Bowl NES Gamerip 1989
TNN Outdoors Fishing Champ GB Gamerip 1998
Toilet Kids TurboGrafx-16 Gamerip 1992
Toki Arcade Gamerip 1989
Tokimeki Memorial - Forever With You IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1997
Tokio Senki - Eiyuu Retsuden GB Gamerip 1992
Tokoro's Mahjong Jr. GB Gamerip 1994
Tokoro-san no Setagaya C.C. GB Gamerip 2000
Tokyo Disneyland - Fantasy Tour GB Gamerip 1998
Tokyo Disneyland - Mickey no Cinderella Shiro Mystery Tour GB Gamerip 1995
Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1991
Total Carnage Arcade Gamerip 1992
Total Carnage IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1994
Totsugeki! Mix IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1994
Totsugeki! Mix (PC-9801, OPN) 1994
Totsugeki! Mix (PC-9801, OPNA) 1994
Tough Turf (System 16B) Arcade Gamerip 1989
Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me Arcade Gamerip 1989
Trojan Arcade Gamerip 1986
Tutankham Arcade Gamerip 1982
Twin Cobra (Toaplan 1) Arcade Gamerip 1987
Twin Hawk (X System) Arcade Gamerip 1989
Twin Squash (System C-2) Arcade Gamerip 1991
TwinBee Yahho! - Fushigi no Kuni de Ooabare!! (Konami GX) Arcade Gamerip 1995
Twinkle Star Sprites Arcade, Neo Geo Gamerip 1996
Two Minute Drill Arcade Gamerip 1994
U.S. Classic (Seta 1) Arcade Gamerip 1989
Ufo Senshi Yohko Chan (System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1988
Undercover Cops (J) (Irem M92) Arcade Gamerip 1992
Up'n Down (System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1983
VS Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (VS System) Arcade Gamerip 1987

June 18th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Exerion NES Gamerip 1985
Famicom Yarou 54 NES Gamerip
Famicom Yarou Vol. 1 NES Gamerip
Famista '90 NES Gamerip 1989
Famista '91 NES Gamerip 1990
Famista '93 NES Gamerip 1992
Fantasy Zone II - The Teardrop of Opa-Opa NES Gamerip 1988
Route 16 Turbo NES Gamerip 1985
S.C.A.T. - Special Cybernetic Attack Team NES Gamerip 1991
Shadowgate NES Gamerip 1989
Shinobi NES Gamerip 1989
Side Pocket NES Gamerip 1987
Silver Surfer NES Gamerip 1990
SimCity NES Gamerip
Ski or Die NES Gamerip 1991
Sky Destroyer NES Gamerip 1985
Sky Shark NES Gamerip 1988
Snake Rattle 'n Roll NES Gamerip 1990
Snake's Revenge NES Gamerip 1990
Snatcher PC-88 Gamerip 1988
Solar Winds - The Escape (Epic Games) Windows Gamerip 1993
Solitaire NES Gamerip 1992
Sonyc MSX2 Gamerip 1997
Sorcerian - Utility Vol. 1 (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1988
Sorcerian Additional Scenario Vol. 1 (Sharp X1 Turbo) Sharp X1 1988
Sorcerian Additional Scenario Vol. 2 - Sengoku Sorcerian (Sharp X1 Turbo) Sharp X1 1988
Sorcerian Additional Scenario Vol. 3 - Pyramid Sorcerian (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1988
Sorcerian New Scenario Vol. 1 - The Visitor from Space (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1989
Sorcerian, Gilgamesh (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1990
Sorcerian, Selected Vol.1 (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1989
Sorcerian, Selected Vol.2 (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1990
Sorcerian, Selected Vol.3 (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1990
Sorcerian, Selected Vol.4 (Sharp X1 Turbo) Sharp X1 1990
Sorcerian, Selected Vol.5 (Sharp X1 Turbo, PSG) Sharp X1 1990
Super Chinese 3 NES Gamerip 1991
Super Contra 7 NES Gamerip
Super Dyna'mix Badminton NES Gamerip 1988
Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran 2 - Miracle Getting GB Gamerip 2002
Super Glove Ball NES Gamerip 1990
Super Jeopardy NES Gamerip 1991
Super Lode Runner FDS Gamerip 1987
Super Lode Runner II FDS Gamerip 1987
Super M'e-Mail GB - Me-Mail Bear no Happy Mail Town GB Gamerip 2000
Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Gamerip 1987
Super Mario Bros. 2 JP NES Gamerip 1988
Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Gamerip 1988
Super Momotarou Dentetsu GB Gamerip 1991
Super Momotarou Dentetsu NES Gamerip 1992
Super Momotarou Dentetsu II GB Gamerip 1994
Super Pang NES Gamerip 1991
Super Pang 2 NES Gamerip 1992
Super Pinball NES Gamerip 1988
Super Pitfall NES Gamerip 1986
Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition NES Gamerip 2017
Super Real Baseball 88 NES Gamerip 1988
Super Real Fishing GB Gamerip 1999
Super Robot Pinball GB Gamerip 2001
Super Robot Taisen GB Gamerip 1991
Super Robot Taisen - Link Battler GB Gamerip 1999
Super Rugby NES Gamerip 1989
Super Spike V'Ball NES Gamerip 1989
Super Sprint NES Gamerip 1989
Super Spy Hunter JP NES Gamerip 1991
Super Star Wars - Return of the Jedi GB Gamerip 1995
Super Street Basketball GB Gamerip 1992
Super Street Basketball 2 GB Gamerip 1994
Super Street Fighter 3 NES Gamerip
Super Xevious - Gump no Nazo NES Gamerip 1986
Superman GB Gamerip 1997
Survival Kids GB Gamerip 1999
Suzuki Aguri no F-1 Super Driving GB Gamerip 1993
Swamp Thing NES Gamerip 1992
Sweet Ange GB Gamerip 1999
SWiV GB Gamerip 2001
Sylvanian Families - Otogi no Kuni no Pendant GB Gamerip 1999
Sylvanian Families 2 - Irozuku Mori no Fantasy GB Gamerip 2000
Sylvanian Families 3 - Hoshifuru Yoru no Sunatokei GB Gamerip 2001
Sylvanian Melodies - Mori no Nakama to Odori Mashi! GB Gamerip 2000
The Beverly Hillbillies IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1993
The Black Cauldron (Apple IIgs) 1989
The Black Cauldron (IBM PCjr) 1985
The Cycles - International Grand Prix Racing Windows Gamerip 1989
The Dark Queen of Krynn IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1992
The FairyLand Story MSX Gamerip 1987
The FairyLand Story X68000 Gamerip 1991
The Goonies MSX Gamerip 1986
The Goonies PC-88 Gamerip 1986
The Goonies Sharp X1 Gamerip 1986
The Jetsons - Robot Panic GB Gamerip 1992
The Legend of Heroes III - White Witch (PC-9801, OPN) 1994
The Legend of Heroes III - White Witch (PC-9801, OPNA) 1994
The Legend of Heroes IV - A Tear of Vermillion (PC-9801, OPN) 1996
The Legend of Heroes IV - A Tear of Vermillion (PC-9801, OPNA) 1996
The Legend of Kyrandia - Book One IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1992
The Ninja Warriors (ZX Spectrum 128) Gamerip 1989
The Outfoxies Arcade Gamerip 1995
The Pro Baseball Clash Pennant Race (SCC) MSX2 Gamerip 1988
The Punisher IBM PC/AT Gamerip 1990
The Scheme (80 Songs Music Mode) PC-88 Gamerip 1988
The Scheme (OPN) PC-88 Gamerip 1988
The Scheme (OPNA) PC-88 Gamerip 1988
Thunder Blade (X) Arcade Gamerip 1987
Thunder Dragon Arcade Gamerip 1991
Thunder Dragon 2 Arcade Gamerip 1993
Thunder Fox (Taito F2 System) Arcade Gamerip 1990
Tiger Road Arcade Gamerip 1987
Tiger-Heli Arcade Gamerip 1985
Time Pilot Arcade Gamerip 1982
Time Scanner (System 16B) Arcade Gamerip 1987
Time Tunnel (Taito SJ System) Arcade Gamerip 1982
Title Fight (System Multi 32) Arcade Gamerip 1993
Toki no Senshi - Chrono Soldier (System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1987
Tokio (Bubble Bobble) Arcade Gamerip 1986
Tokyo Wars (Namco System Super 22) Arcade Gamerip 1996
Top Landing (Air System) Arcade Gamerip 1988
ToukiDenshou Arcade Gamerip 1996
Track & Field Arcade Gamerip 1983
Transformer (System E) Arcade Gamerip 1986
Traverse USA Arcade Gamerip 1983
Wrecking Crew NES Gamerip 1985

June 17th, 2022

Album Platform Type Year
Annoying Orange - Kitchen Carnage OST Android, iOS Gamerip 2011
Asphalt Injection Android, PS Vita Gamerip 2011
Asphalt Nitro 2 Android Gamerip 2021
Columns (Neo Geo Pocket Color) (Homebrew) Neo Geo Gamerip 2007
Core Keeper Windows Soundtrack 2022
Friday Night Funkin' - Cliff Clash Gamerip 2021
Friday Night Funkin' - Date-Night Masses OST Windows 2022
Friday Night Funkin' - Funk City - Rewind OST (Mod) Windows Gamerip 2022
Friday Night Funkin' - Pico Erect (Mod) (Fanmade) Windows Gamerip 2022
Friday Night Funkin' - Sonic.exe Corrupt dreams
Friday Night Funkin' - vs. FNaF 1 Windows Gamerip 2021
Friday Night Funkin' - vs. Kapi Arcade Showdown OST (Mod) Windows Gamerip 2021
Friday Night Funkin' - vs. NekoFreak (Remaster) Windows Gamerip 2021
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return Windows Gamerip 1996
Kohakuiro no Yuigon X68000 Gamerip 1988
Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Android, iOS Gamerip 2010
Ninja Village Android, iOS, Switch Gamerip 2013
Psygnotic Soundtrax Volume One Soundtrack 1993
Puzzle Chronicles DS, PS3, PSP, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2010
Rise of the Third Power Windows Gamerip 2022
Satan's Puzzle 2 Windows Gamerip 2022
Satan's Puzzle 666 Windows Gamerip 2022
Sex with Stalin Windows Soundtrack 2020
Silent Hill - Homecoming PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2008
SOUL EDGE Arcade Edition Original Sound Track SUPER BATTLE SOUND ATTACK Arcade Soundtrack 1996
Splatter Master PS2 2004
Splotches Soundtrack 2018
Tactical Gladiator Veigues PC-88 Gamerip 1988
The Lost Crown Windows Soundtrack 2008
U.S. Championship V'Ball X68000 Gamerip 1989
WHO IS AWESOME Windows Gamerip 2020