Might and Magic VII - For Blood and Honor

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Album name: Might and Magic VII - For Blood and Honor
Number of Files: 19
Total Filesize: 77.05 MB
Date added: Jan 30th, 2017

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Song Name Download Size
01_Bracada Desert Deyja.mp3 Download 4.00 MB
02_Dungeon.mp3 Download 5.22 MB
03_Harmondale Avlee Tatalia.mp3 Download 3.96 MB
04_Dwarven Barrows.mp3 Download 5.66 MB
05_Evermorn Island.mp3 Download 4.87 MB
06_Pit Castle Gloaming.mp3 Download 4.47 MB
07_Arena Lincoln.mp3 Download 3.49 MB
08_Shoals.mp3 Download 3.50 MB
09_Celeste.mp3 Download 3.93 MB
10_Nighon.mp3 Download 4.21 MB
11_Barrow Downs.mp3 Download 4.04 MB
12_Temple of Moon Light Dark.mp3 Download 3.40 MB
13_Main Menu Castle Gryphonheart Navan.mp3 Download 3.68 MB
14_Castle Lambent.mp3 Download 3.42 MB
15_Thunderfist Mountain Titans' Stronghold.mp3 Download 3.69 MB
16_Erathia.mp3 Download 2.90 MB
17_Tularean Forest.mp3 Download 4.02 MB
18_House Castle Harmondale Stone City.mp3 Download 4.85 MB
19_Emerald Island.mp3 Download 3.66 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

HOLY HELL this is one straight out of the classic vault i've had this game installed on every single pc i've ever owned played it through probably 50 times with every party combination and finaly had to call it a day wen i got my new vista pc i've missed these songs sooooooooooooooo bad thank u p.s im not insane just overjoyed! ^_^

Submitted by dhruv_tomar
Rating: 5/10

Been on a endless search for the Might and Magic soundtrack. Tried everything, searched everywhere. Here I find it and the feelings I have can't be described.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

i love the tracks 11 and 16, this game had one of the best soundtracks ever, thanks for posting these tracks.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I agree! MM7 has definitely best soundtrack of all games! MM6 and MM8 are also excellent but this one is simply amazing!

Submitted by GreatEmerald
Rating: 9/10

The naming here is a little awkward, though. Exploration Theme 1 should be Song of the Pale Lady, #8 should be Succession War, #13 should be Menu, #14 should be The Pig and the Whistle, #18 should be Waves of Time, #19 should be Song of Grass.
As for others... I'd say they should be named after the most apparent appearances: #2 could be Tularean Dungeon, #5 - Evermorn Island, #3 - Erathia etc.

Submitted by mathmantall
Rating: 10/10

Well... thx for your great efforts... the music is excellent but thif quality of mp3 file is a bit bad...
Thx anyways for this great upload!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

love ya!!!! i was missing this game, and don't have the time to play it again nowadays, but i can hear the great songs now while i am studying ^^
thank you

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Simply the best. And I remember when i crossed the road with harpies there was such excellent music that, from time to time i visited that road again and again only to listen and experience that excitement...

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