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Mega Man X Corrupted

Platforms: SNES, Windows

Number of Files: 18
Total Filesize: 43 MB
Date Added: Aug 28th, 2015

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Opening Stage (X) 2:16 2.08 MB get_app
2. Reploid Base 2:42 2.48 MB get_app
3. Forest Mountain 1:43 1.58 MB get_app
4. Weapon Factory (Warfare Milodon Stage) 3:05 2.82 MB get_app
5. Zero Opening Stage 3:07 2.85 MB get_app
6. Gloomy Light Swamp 3:14 2.95 MB get_app
7. Underwater Caves 1:49 1.67 MB get_app
8. Junkyard (Neurohack Mosquito Stage) 3:03 2.80 MB get_app
9. Skyway (Hurricane Hoatzin Stage) 3:09 2.89 MB get_app
10. Power Plant (Sparkling Scorpio Stage) 2:55 2.67 MB get_app
11. Sewer Facility (Plasma Puffer Stage) 2:13 2.03 MB get_app
12. Unknown Boss Battle 2:41 2.46 MB get_app
13. Submarine Ocean (Force Starfish Stage) 2:13 2.03 MB get_app
14. Crystal Caverns (Crystal Rafflar Stage) 2:08 1.95 MB get_app
15. Laboratory (Warp Vulpex Stage) 2:08 1.95 MB get_app
16. Strike's Theme & Strike Battle 3:51 3.52 MB get_app
17. Weapon Factory (Warfare Milodon Stage) ​(Beta Version) 1:56 1.78 MB get_app
18. Opening Stage (X) (Beta Version) 2:34 2.35 MB get_app

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12:13 Dec 29th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

This game will become real in [hyperlink blocked], (gap) or 20XX


02:11 Apr 28th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

Mega Man X Corrupteds Soundtrack Is Some Classic Mega Man X Awesomeness. The Game Itself You Can't Play (As Of April 27, 2021). I'll Probably Be Able To Play it When I Reach My 70s. Or Maybe It Won't Be Released Until 22XX.
Why Didn't Capcom Come Up With These Great Ideas But Instead Thought Of Idiotic Ideas Like Snipe AntEator (& Yes Snipe AnterEater Is Spelled With O For Some Reason), Sheild Sheldon, Tornado Tonion, & Bamboo Pandamomium?


10:41 Jan 12th, 2021Offline

comment graphic
full ost here
pls make somebody rip this


10:54 Jan 6th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

the music defines how good a game is, and the game defines how good a soundtrack is


01:20 Jan 1st, 2021Offline

comment graphic

R.I.P. Flash 1980-2020


01:18 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

i like that video game music soundtrack. it reminds me of the original super nintendo video game music album soundtrack of: capcom's mega man x 1 (super nintendo video game music album soundtrack).

user avatar

Guest Reviewer

01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

I Love this Soundtrack its perfect...

user avatar

Guest Reviewer

01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Truly amazing Soundtrack. I never imagined that someone would make a very amazing soundtrack that Capcom left off.