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Haunted Castle

Akumajō Dracula

Platforms: Arcade
Year: 1988
Catalog Number: N/A
Developed by: Konami
Published by: Konami

Number of Files: 16
Total Filesize: 12 MB
Date Added: Oct 9th, 2015
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Dracula's Resurrection 0:08 0.12 MB get_app
2. Wedding March Tragedy 0:17 0.27 MB get_app
3. Cross Your Heart 1:11 1.09 MB get_app
4. Devil's Resurrection 0:49 0.75 MB get_app
5. Stage Clear 0:07 0.11 MB get_app
6. Devil's Revival 1:51 1.70 MB get_app
7. No Return 0:12 0.18 MB get_app
8. Bloody Tears 1:07 1.02 MB get_app
9. Den of Worship 1:44 1.59 MB get_app
10. Basement Melodies 2:02 1.87 MB get_app
11. Don't Wait Until Night 1:24 1.29 MB get_app
12. Dracula's Room 0:27 0.42 MB get_app
13. Final Battle 0:38 0.59 MB get_app
14. Ending 0:09 0.14 MB get_app
15. Game Over 0:08 0.13 MB get_app
16. Sent To The Devil's Requiem 1:04 0.98 MB get_app

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04:02 Jul 9th, 2022Offline

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Haunted Castle's soundtrack is good. My favorite themes from this game is Cross Your Heart and Don't Wait Until Night. Aside from those, the rest of the soundtrack is good and worthy to be called Castlevania music. The game itself is really f*cking hard for two reasons. One, enemies do a lot of damage to you and each level only has one or two checkpoints. Two, the enemies themselves. The enemies I hate are the Flea Men/Hunchbacks, The Skeltons, and The Bats. I hate the Flea Men because they are extremely fast and they move in packs. I hate the Skeltons because a flying Skelton will pop out of them when you kill them that's pretty hard to dodge. I hate the Bats because they are placed in annoying spots and they're pretty hard to dodge. As for the stages, they're pretty short and fine. The last stage is pretty boring because your just walking over a crumbling bridge with a bat showing up ever now and again. After each stage, you face a boss which are really easy. The only boss I hate is the Bone Dragon because it's really hard to avoid and the Skeltons pop up on the left side of the screen to throw bones at you. Haunted Castle also has sub weapons which are fine. The only useful ones are the cross and the bomb. The cross allows you to fire off multiple crosses at once that do a lot of damage to enemies and the bomb is pretty much just the holy water. As for the story, Dracula Kidnaps Simon's wife and Simon must save her. Probably the most simple Castlevania story out of the series. Overall, Haunted Castle is a mediocre game with a good soundtrack, decent levels, easy bosses, decent sub weapons, and annoying enemies.
Note: I played Haunted Castle on Konami's Arcade Collection on the Xbox One.
Soundtrack: 6.1/10.
Game: 5.4/10.