Super Mario Sunshine (gamerip)

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Album name: Super Mario Sunshine (gamerip)
Number of Files: 60
Total Filesize: 329.92 MB
Date added: Mar 9th, 2017

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Song Name Size
01 - Title.mp3 955.79 KB
02 - Demo.mp3 2.19 MB
03 - File Select.mp3 2.22 MB
04 - Delfino Airstrip.mp3 5.93 MB
05 - VS. Polluted Piranha Plant.mp3 5.39 MB
06 - Shine Sprite Appears.mp3 721.12 KB
07 - Got a Shine Sprite!.mp3 759.90 KB
08 - Delfino Plaza.mp3 7.49 MB
09 - Delfino Plaza (Yoshi).mp3 7.49 MB
10 - Underground.mp3 2.26 MB
11 - Shadow Mario Intro.mp3 799.69 KB
12 - Shadow Mario.mp3 4.74 MB
13 - Episode Select.mp3 682.34 KB
14 - Stage Intro.mp3 838.45 KB
15 - Bianco Hills.mp3 6.84 MB
16 - Bianco Hills (Yoshi).mp3 6.84 MB
17 - VS. Petey Piranha.mp3 8.48 MB
18 - Secret Course.mp3 7.64 MB
19 - Secret Course (Yoshi).mp3 7.64 MB
20 - Ricco Harbor.mp3 9.82 MB
21 - Ricco Harbor (Yoshi).mp3 9.82 MB
22 - VS. Gooper Blooper.mp3 8.41 MB
23 - Event.mp3 5.62 MB
24 - Finish!.mp3 682.32 KB
25 - Timed Event.mp3 4.17 MB
26 - Gelato Beach.mp3 7.72 MB
27 - Gelato Beach (Yoshi).mp3 7.72 MB
28 - VS. Plungelo.mp3 5.43 MB
29 - VS. Wiggler.mp3 7.91 MB
30 - VS. Wiggler (Fast).mp3 7.41 MB
31 - Sky & Sea.mp3 4.74 MB
32 - Il Piantissimo.mp3 4.32 MB
33 - Pinna Park Beach.mp3 7.60 MB
34 - Pinna Park Beach (Yoshi).mp3 7.60 MB
35 - Pinna Park.mp3 7.99 MB
36 - Pinna Park (Yoshi).mp3 7.99 MB
37 - VS. Mecha-Bowser.mp3 6.23 MB
38 - Yoshi-Go-Round.mp3 4.74 MB
39 - Noki Bay.mp3 8.48 MB
40 - Noki Bay (Yoshi).mp3 8.48 MB
41 - Deep Sea of Mare.mp3 6.19 MB
42 - Sirena Beach.mp3 5.96 MB
43 - VS. Phantamanta.mp3 5.85 MB
44 - Hotel Delfino.mp3 7.18 MB
45 - Hotel Delfino (Yoshi).mp3 7.18 MB
46 - Casino Delfino.mp3 5.39 MB
47 - Casino Delfino (Yoshi).mp3 5.39 MB
48 - Jackpot!.mp3 682.32 KB
49 - Pianta Village.mp3 7.34 MB
50 - Pianta Village (Yoshi).mp3 7.34 MB
51 - Pianta Village (Night).mp3 7.45 MB
52 - Pianta Village (Night; Yoshi).mp3 7.45 MB
53 - Piantas in Need.mp3 4.55 MB
54 - Pianta Village Band.mp3 5.73 MB
55 - Corona Mountain.mp3 9.47 MB
56 - VS. Bowser.mp3 7.11 MB
57 - Staff Roll.mp3 4.32 MB
58 - Ending.mp3 877.22 KB
59 - Too Bad!.mp3 721.10 KB
60 - Game Over.mp3 877.22 KB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

Seriously, who the hell did this rip? Whoever they are, they better realize that they left out the first couple of seconds of every level music and they should also be aware that some of the files which contain voices very annoingly play a millisecond of the ambient noise and then a millisecond of a voice, then the ambient again, then voice and so on until the voices end. Also something must be up with the tagging cuz my PC won't let me sort the album by track number, album title, artist, or any other property reserved for sound files. (It lets me do it with the Mario Kart Double Dash!! music though) Also, in a voice-containing file the words that they're saying should be in the "Lyrics" section of the ID3 tags. Another, a few of the files are around 492 bytes in size and cannot be understood by any program that I have. Also, the "Yoshi" drumbeat is different in every level and this album contains it only for Delfino Plaza. The album is also missing the Main menu music and the sound when Mario disintegrates to go into the Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, and Gelato Beach levels. In a nutshell, this neither a complete game rip, nor is it of good quality. However, it is still better than nothing.

P.S.: Believe me, I own Super Mario sunshine, a Wii, two GameCube controllers and a memory card, and a lot more stuff that's actually for the Wii. So don't go telling me that I've never played Super Mario Sunshine from beginning to end 'cause I have!

Submitted by treelinesky
Rating: 5/10

Props since I can't find this rip anywhere else, but Track #'s 6, 7, 8, and 11 are corrupt, luckily they're not the really good tracks, but it still makes it feel incomplete

Submitted by spacy59
Rating: 6/10

Well even though it doesn't have the whole track at least you have the soundtrack period, I've been looking everywhere! I love ricco harbor gelato beach, pinna park final battle, Probably all of it. Since you have the soundtrack and every song on it, I'll give it a 6 Thank you!

Submitted by jaapie
Rating: 4/10

this rip is alright but the yoshi tracks are different for each level and the intros to most tracks are not included..

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

This was perfect for me, because I'm trying to burn a game music cd. I had to find mp3 of all the songs cuz Windows Media Player or iTunes can't burn MIDIs. This has more music than vgmusic does, but its missing the theme when you go in those strange areas where you lose fludd to evil Mario(it plays the original Super Mario bros. theme) so 7/10. Pretty good.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

At least I found some music.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

I love the Mario series, especially Super Mario Sunshine, but some things are missing. Such as the Yoshi beat in the levels other than Delfino Plaza. I would love having the Yoshi beat in Hotel Delfino and/or Sirena Park.

I absolutely LOVE "Gelato Beach", "The Book In The Bottle", "Pinna Park Beach", and "Noki Bay."

Some other things that I would've loved to have here were the openings of all the songs; for example, "Bianco Hills," "Boss Battle," and "Ricco Harbor."
I like "Sirena Beach" and "Hotel Delfino" because they actually have the openings of the levels.

Overall, love most of the music and story audio, like "Mario's Trial" and "F.L.U.D.D." Also, the 'special stages' were a touch of perfection.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 1/10

Too many tracks are missing, the first few seconds of the tracks are missing, the Yoshi music is supposed to be different for each level, some of the files are corrupt or something, and you forgot the dying and game over tracks. You fail.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Your album is okey but you could do a different yoshi drumbeat for every course like the first dude to comment said. But good rip! I gave it a five.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

there is so much wrong with this its not even funny. for one the beginning of all the level tracks are gone, there's like 1 or 2 seconds missing from each. second, they only include the yoshi track for delphino plaza and none of the other levels. yes, for those who blew through the game, they all got their own tracks and their the best sounding of them all imo. if anyone has the time to do it (i know i don't, but i would do it in a heartbeat if i could) make a new rip to improve on things. that would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

these were perfect! but wth now none of them work. ???

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

It's ok. Not much to say bad about it. Good job. :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

hey at least its music i give you a lucky number for this.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

I've found so many songs on this site. Yes, some are missing, but beggers can't be choosers. I am impressed I found this.

Submitted by Jroberta
Rating: 10/10

Heheyyy Believe me, I own Super Mario sunshine, a Wii, two GameCube controllers and a memory card, and a lot more stuff that's actually for the Wii. So don't go telling me that I've never played Super Mario Sunshine from beginning to end 'cause I have!
well done.

Submitted by Testatonda
Rating: 5/10

meh... they skipped intros and the voices are so noisy's a good work anyway

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