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Prodigy Math Game

Platforms: Online

Number of Files: 34
Total Filesize: 88 MB
Date Added: Jul 11th, 2021

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  Song Name MP3  
Academy 8:06 7.41 MB get_app
Archives 1:22 1.25 MB get_app
Battle Intro 0:02 0.04 MB get_app
Battle Music 9:45 8.92 MB get_app
Battle Results 1:27 1.33 MB get_app
Bonfire Spire 1:17 1.18 MB get_app
Critical Hit 0:02 0.03 MB get_app
Crystal Caverns 1:03 0.96 MB get_app
Dance Robot 1:13 1.11 MB get_app
Dark Tower 3:45 3.43 MB get_app
Dino Dig 1:31 1.39 MB get_app
Earth Tower 4:31 4.13 MB get_app
Field Theme 5:00 4.57 MB get_app
Final Boss-Crystal Caverns 1:19 1.21 MB get_app
Firefly Forest 9:32 8.73 MB get_app
Floatling Fling 1:48 1.65 MB get_app
Harmony Island 1:03 0.96 MB get_app
Hit 0:01 0.01 MB get_app
House Theme 1:14 1.13 MB get_app
Inside the Earth Tower 2:11 2.00 MB get_app
Lamplight Town 9:47 8.95 MB get_app
Launch Spell 0:01 0.01 MB get_app
Miss 0:01 0.02 MB get_app
Pumpkinfest 3:07 2.85 MB get_app
Question Correct Sound 0:02 0.03 MB get_app
Rune Run 0:49 0.75 MB get_app
Select 0:00 0.01 MB get_app
Shipwreck Shore 1:47 1.63 MB get_app
Shiverchill Mountain 1:32 1.40 MB get_app
Skywatch 1:45 1.61 MB get_app
Starlight Festival 3:24 3.12 MB get_app
Summerfest 5:00 4.57 MB get_app
Tower Town Theme 1:59 1.81 MB get_app
Winterfest 10:47 9.88 MB get_app

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06:04 Oct 2nd, 2021Offline

comment graphic

i feel this should be ripped with f12 + network, if you do this you get the music without the dirty recording


10:46 Jul 27th, 2021Offline

comment graphic


it sounds recorded but ok

also, summerfest is da best

yeah it is


07:02 Jul 12th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

it sounds recorded but ok

also, summerfest is da best


12:38 Feb 23rd, 2021Offline

comment graphic

lmao the skywatch theme has a discord ping sound


02:58 Jan 8th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

This soundtrack needs to be cleaner. And the worst is "Question Correct Sound," it sounds like it was recorded than it being an actual soundtrack.