Inazuma Eleven Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Inazuma Eleven Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 48
Total Filesize: 111.14 MB
Date added: Jul 1st, 2017

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Song Name Download Size
1.01.Let's Play! Soccer.mp3 Download 1.12 MB
1.02.Unmotivated Members.mp3 Download 1.71 MB
1.03.Raimon High School.mp3 Download 3.35 MB
1.04.Soccer Battle.mp3 Download 2.55 MB
1.05.Evening Pylon.mp3 Download 3.56 MB
1.06.Friends.mp3 Download 3.89 MB
1.07.Theme of the Imperial Academy ~The Imperial Academy Has Arrived!~.mp3 Download 3.32 MB
1.08.Formal Game.mp3 Download 3.65 MB
1.09.Mystery.mp3 Download 2.79 MB
1.10.Wind and Youth.mp3 Download 3.51 MB
1.11.Inabikari Training Grounds.mp3 Download 3.92 MB
1.12.Inabikari Fighter.mp3 Download 2.98 MB
1.13.After-school Paradise.mp3 Download 3.32 MB
1.14.Contest of Skill.mp3 Download 3.71 MB
1.15.Soccer Empire.mp3 Download 3.13 MB
1.16.Decisive Battleground.mp3 Download 1.73 MB
1.17.Mortal Battle With the Imperial Academy.mp3 Download 3.96 MB
1.18.Desperate Situation.mp3 Download 3.22 MB
1.19.Activate! Burning Phase.mp3 Download 3.72 MB
1.20.Black Shadow ~Kageyama's Theme~.mp3 Download 529.47 KB
1.21.Sorrowful Past.mp3 Download 4.00 MB
1.22.Zeus Stadium in Sight.mp3 Download 434.46 KB
1.23.Holy Ground.mp3 Download 3.27 MB
1.24.Gathering Circle.mp3 Download 833.08 KB
1.25.Crusade of the Gods.mp3 Download 4.51 MB
1.26.The Legendary Inazuma Eleven.mp3 Download 1.85 MB
2.01.Riyo ~The Youthful Inazuma Eleven~.mp3 Download 6.88 MB
2.02.Pure Love of Youth.mp3 Download 5.36 MB
2.03.Begin.mp3 Download 224.00 KB
2.04.VS.mp3 Download 236.85 KB
2.05.Brave Warriors (Unreleased Track).mp3 Download 276.53 KB
2.06.Our Victory.mp3 Download 257.08 KB
2.07.Our Defeat.mp3 Download 180.62 KB
2.08.Gooooal!.mp3 Download 815.60 KB
2.09.See You Tomorrow.mp3 Download 167.16 KB
2.10.Topic.mp3 Download 235.22 KB
2.11.Soccer Battle Victory.mp3 Download 141.02 KB
2.12.Soccer Battle Defeat.mp3 Download 150.12 KB
2.13.Match Result.mp3 Download 1.22 MB
2.14.Come! Raimon High Soccer Club.mp3 Download 181.93 KB
2.15.Item Get!.mp3 Download 112.79 KB
2.16.Lock Released.mp3 Download 103.70 KB
2.17.Let's Go! LET'S GO!.mp3 Download 139.98 KB
2.18.Burning Phase Special (LEVEL5 VISION 2007 VERSION).mp3 Download 4.11 MB
2.19.Raimon High School (EXTRA VERSION).mp3 Download 3.58 MB
2.20.Mortal Battle With the Imperial Academy (EXTRA VERSION).mp3 Download 4.29 MB
2.21.Activate! Burning Phase (EXTRA VERSION).mp3 Download 4.20 MB
2.22.Wind and Youth (EXTRA VERSION).mp3 Download 3.69 MB


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