Dragon Ball & Z BGM

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Album name: Dragon Ball & Z BGM
Number of Files: 26
Total Filesize: 223.96 MB
Date added: Nov 20th, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01-cha-la head-cha-la (tv size).mp3 Download 2.96 MB
01-maka fushigi adventure! (tv size instrumental).mp3 Download 2.5 MB
02-prologue & subtitle i.mp3 Download 2.03 MB
02-sheng long no densetsu.mp3 Download 7.84 MB
03-kattenai kyoufu.mp3 Download 1.91 MB
03-majinjou no nemuri hime.mp3 Download 8.05 MB
04-ano yo de fight!.mp3 Download 4.36 MB
04-maka fushigi daibouken.mp3 Download 4.80 MB
05-romantic ageruyo (tv size instrumental).mp3 Download 2.31 MB
05-son gohan to piccolo daimaoh.mp3 Download 2.66 MB
06-cha-la head cha-la (instrumental).mp3 Download 5.29 MB
06-saiyajin kitaru!!.mp3 Download 3.99 MB
07-dragon ball z.mp3 Download 11.21 MB
07-tenkai wakeme choukessen.mp3 Download 4.38 MB
08-an'un uzumaku namekusei.mp3 Download 2.28 MB
08-kono yo de ichiban tsuyoi yatsu.mp3 Download 6.70 MB
09-chikyuu marugoto choukessen.mp3 Download 5.67 MB
09-ma ni ae!! nanatsu no dragon ball.mp3 Download 3.86 MB
10-kyoufu no ginyuu tokusentai.mp3 Download 3.03 MB
10-super saiyajin da son goku.mp3 Download 8.17 MB
11-kaibutsu freeza vs densetsu no super saiyajin.mp3 Download 7.38 MB
11-tobikkiri no saikyou tai saikyou.mp3 Download 7.64 MB
12-gekitotsu!! 100 oku pawaa no senchitachi.mp3 Download 6.35 MB
12-kieru namekkusei to kibou.mp3 Download 2.76 MB
13-kyokugen batoru!! sandai super saiyajin.mp3 Download 12.47 MB
13-mirai kara kita shounen.mp3 Download 2.34 MB
14-jinzouningen machi e.mp3 Download 6.65 MB
14-moetsukiro!! nessen.ressen.chougekisen.mp3 Download 7.94 MB
15-ginga girigiri!! bucchigiri sugoi yatsu.mp3 Download 14.15 MB
15-soshi se yo! cell no kanzentai.mp3 Download 7.37 MB
16 - Dragon Ball Z - title song Download 6.96 MB
16-shi wo yobu cell game.mp3 Download 9.97 MB
17-...mou hitotsu no ketsumatsu.mp3 Download 4.34 MB
18-sayounara senshi tachi.mp3 Download 3.52 MB
19-detekoi tobikiri zenkai power! (tv size).mp3 Download 2.78 MB
20-we gotta power (tv size).mp3 Download 3.17 MB
21-prologue & subtitle ii.mp3 Download 2.02 MB
22-new hero toujou.mp3 Download 3.51 MB
23-angel.mp3 Download 5.37 MB
24-saikai! tenkaichi budoukai.mp3 Download 4.42 MB
25-seigi wo aisuru mono!.mp3 Download 5.92 MB
26-boku tachi wa tenshi datta (tv size).mp3 Download 2.76 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

These OST-s are great!!!
I downloaded all! And the whole site is good!
I enjoy downloading from here every day!
Thanks a lot!! :D

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I can only find DBZ ost at this site only.. thanks a lot to this great site

and these OST are all great

Submitted by saraxparax3
Rating: 5/10

i was a little mad i was looking for the music from the tv show thats in english really pissed me off when i saw the gay japanese music they had in japan...=(

Submitted by calendervafep
Rating: 5/10

I love this album....although i already had most of them already i still wanted to submit a review.....i wish i had found this site before this is awesome....WHHHOOOOAAAA ;-D

Submitted by ilkarbal
Rating: 10/10

gay music ??? man the japanese are the best they don give gay music...they give pure nice music and dragonball is one of the best so shaddaaaaap

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This is the most awesome site ever!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

english music for DBZ was epic, this japanese sh!t is super gay

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

some people dont understand ikarbal. that oringal music,and animes are the best type. mainly cuz they are unedited. sara probly use to the rock music they had at the ending of dbz . mainy the music from the broly movie. but sara probly not use to the true ones.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

i cant find the super buu theme,great ost

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This is both disc 4 and 5 of the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 5 disc set. Disc 4 covers the DBZ TV series BGM as it appeared in every country that isn't America. Disc 5 covers the Dragon Ball and DBZ Movie BGM, up to DBZ Movie 9. The composer, Shunsuke Kikuchi, is a well known Japanese composer for tokusatsu shows and anime produced by Toei. His score for the Dragon Ball series is excellent, giving the series a modern wuxia feel, and it's very dramatic and emotional. I never understood why they had to change the music in America, especially when the replacement music isn't nearly as good.

The only problem with this soundtrack is the lack of much of the Buu era music from the TV series and Movies, but that's because this soundtrack was released before they reached the end of the series.

I give this album a rating of
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