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Friday the 13th

Platforms: NES
Year: 1988

Number of Files: 8
Total Filesize: 5 MB
Date Added: Jan 28th, 2015

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Title 0:04 0.06 MB get_app
2. Cabin Fever 2:04 1.91 MB get_app
3. Around the Camp 0:54 0.76 MB get_app
4. Around the Camp [alternate] 0:37 0.58 MB get_app
5. Jason Attacks 0:45 0.68 MB get_app
6. Jason Attacks [alternate] 0:45 0.68 MB get_app
7. Defeated Jason 0:35 0.57 MB get_app
8. You and Your Friends are Dead 0:05 0.07 MB get_app

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09:25 Apr 26th, 2021Offline

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Friday the 13th is probably one of the most inventive games I've played on NES. This adventure is really good and fun, but not without its flaws.
For the music, I loved Cabin Fever, this one is memorable, very sentimental for me and brings back good memories. The others are rather forgettable and repetitive.
Powerful weapons are too hidden, so hard to find them without searching the Internet. The game has an unstable difficulty, between the passages too easy or too difficult.
But it's still a nice title to browse, extremely replayable due to the great freedom that it offers.
Note for the game and the soundtrack: 70%


01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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The game is okay. For an early ass 80's horror game, I'd say it's not bad because it's not exactly expected to be great. If this was released today, it would be thought of as one of the worst horror games ever, but to me it's somewhat fun once you learn all the tricks and traps of the game, and you can't blame it because it's just an 80's game, and sure, great games existed back then but not as many as there are now. I liked it, and I see flaws in it but others see way more than I do. The music score isn't the best to be honest but it's pretty good if you just want a nice, spooky loop. I like it enough to say it fits the game.