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Castlevania III Expansion Sound Version

Platforms: NES
Year: 1989

Number of Files: 28
Total Filesize: 56 MB
Date Added: Feb 13th, 2015
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Prelude (Intro) 1:48 3.55 MB get_app
2. Prayer (Opening) 0:15 0.47 MB get_app
3. Beginning (Block-1) 1:31 3.16 MB get_app
4. Boss Fight (Boss) 1:08 2.24 MB get_app
5. Stage Clear 0:09 0.27 MB get_app
6. Destiny (Path Selection) 0:19 0.68 MB get_app
7. Clockwork (Block-2) 1:31 3.06 MB get_app
8. Mad Forest (Block-3) 1:35 3.38 MB get_app
9. Anxiety (Block-4) 1:07 2.32 MB get_app
10. Rising (Block-5) 0:55 1.88 MB get_app
11. Stream (Block-6) 1:20 2.77 MB get_app
12. Dead Beat (Block-4) 1:35 3.32 MB get_app
13. Nightmare (Block-5) 1:35 3.22 MB get_app
14. Aquarius (Block-6) 1:28 2.99 MB get_app
15. Demon Seed (Block-6) 1:27 3.10 MB get_app
16. Deja Vu (Vampire Killer) (Block-8) 1:04 2.29 MB get_app
17. Riddle (Block-9) 1:31 3.17 MB get_app
18. Pressure (Block-A) 0:19 0.68 MB get_app
19. Overture (Dracula's Room) 1:02 2.15 MB get_app
20. Big Battle 1 (Dracula's 2nd Form) 0:42 1.38 MB get_app
21. Big Battle 2 (Dracula's 3rd Form) 0:37 1.21 MB get_app
22. All Clear 0:13 0.41 MB get_app
23. Encounter (Spirit Meeting) 0:30 1.10 MB get_app
24. Epitaph (Password) 0:47 1.62 MB get_app
25. Evergreen (Ending) 1:10 2.17 MB get_app
26. Flashback (Staff Roll) 1:17 2.59 MB get_app
27. Player Lose a Life 0:07 0.21 MB get_app
28. Game Over 0:12 0.38 MB get_app

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01:53 Apr 22nd, 2021Offline

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This soundtrack is the masterpiece of the NES library featuring konami's VRC6 expansion chip
Too bad this soundtrack was downgraded to basic NES 2a03 chip in american version
Anyways i really enjoy listening to these musics and the game is great too but it has some difficulty problems like its prequels but it has an easy password system that decreases the difficulty
Game: 8.9/10
Music: 10/10

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Guest Reviewer

01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Just gotta let you know, this is the version that is on the Famicom in Japan. Still sounds pretty great, and I bet that if I didnt know it was a expansion, I would assume it was on the Super NES. I especially like the Beginning, Mad Forest, Rising, Aquarius, Demon Seed, Password, and Deja Vu themes. I never played the game, but the soundtrack is amazing. I wish I had a chance to hear the original NES tune-Oh wait there they are! Overall, pretty good and catchy. ;)


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Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

This is the Japanese version, yes? Excellent.

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Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Need a Famicom to experience this while playing.