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Blaster Master

Platforms: NES
Year: 1988

Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 18 MB
Date Added: Nov 12th, 2006

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. intro 1:00 0.92 MB get_app
2. level 1 2:11 2.00 MB get_app
3. level 2 1:25 1.30 MB get_app
4. level 3 1:24 1.28 MB get_app
5. level 4 1:10 1.07 MB get_app
6. level 5 1:35 1.45 MB get_app
7. level 6 1:41 1.54 MB get_app
8. level 7 1:34 1.44 MB get_app
9. level 8 1:45 1.60 MB get_app
10. warning 1 0:09 0.16 MB get_app
11. warning 2 0:11 0.16 MB get_app
12. boss battle 1 0:39 0.59 MB get_app
13. boss battle 2 0:42 0.65 MB get_app
14. final boss 2:10 1.99 MB get_app
15. the reward 0:04 0.07 MB get_app
16. credits roll 1:36 1.47 MB get_app
17. game over 0:04 0.07 MB get_app

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Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Wow, just wow, never thought I could live this Game's music in my own car! Definitly in my best top 3 video games Ever

user avatar


01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Gah!!! This game was so haunting, mainly because of it's soundtrack; 05 - level 4 being a great example. Loved how each level was different and was reflected by each level's track.

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Guest Reviewer

01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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I remember the times of being a kid. Back in 2006, i always played crapy online parodies of Mario and Sonic games and had no idea the kind of games that I was missing out on. When I stumbled upon Blaster Master, I thought I was in heaven. I still have never beaten the game and I still can never get past the god damn 3rd boss, I cherish this game but the gameplay its self is only the icing on the cake. The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. It has a lot more than just 1 or 2 great songs, the entire thing is a masterpiece. I highly recommend getting this game for the NES or VC or just playing it on a emulator (That's what I did). If you're looking for a great challenge, this game is for you.

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01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

A great classic. As a kid, I would play this game night after night. Good memories.

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01:12 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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This game is classic. The music captures the vibe very well. I can almost guarantee the music from "level 1" will be stuck in your head forever :) Great game, great music, what more can be said?