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Zetsuen no Tempest - Original Soundtrack Vol.1

Platforms: Anime
Year: 2013

Number of Files: 15
Total Filesize: 96 MB
Date Added: Jan 23rd, 2015

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Zetsuen 2:48 6.45 MB get_app
2. Tsuioku 3:01 6.98 MB get_app
3. Shousou 3:30 8.07 MB get_app
4. Kaikou 1:12 2.80 MB get_app
5. Okan 2:51 6.58 MB get_app
6. Shutsugen 4:11 9.64 MB get_app
7. Houkai 3:25 7.86 MB get_app
8. Torihiki 3:26 7.92 MB get_app
9. Kotsuzen 2:24 5.54 MB get_app
10. Kaikyuu 2:44 6.31 MB get_app
11. Samon 2:00 4.63 MB get_app
12. Natsumura 1:54 4.41 MB get_app
13. Shoutotsu 2:17 5.29 MB get_app
14. Kyuuhen 2:30 5.79 MB get_app
15. Ginen 3:12 7.40 MB get_app

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Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Both the anime and the soundtrack is simply beautifull/

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01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Such a beautiful composition of feelings, what a masterful selection of melodies that all along create the most memorable vistas and memories from the show. If you haven't already downloaded this, then i encourage you to do so already because you won't be disappointed. I can safely say that i fell in love with every piece from the very first moment i heard them. This is an intelligent album for those who look at the bitter sweet side of things, it reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion in so many ways. It's deep, it's a brutal memoir of how drastic change is and how mesmerising it is to be in deep frustration to not hold what was once a partake in our souls. What a tremendous symphony of joy and sadness, you will surely have heads turn around you if you play this anywhere.

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Guest Reviewer

01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Great anime - plot, characters, animation, etc. The soundtrack has this classical mood with heavy use of strings, fitting perfectly with the anime's constant reference to Shakespeare's works. Even if you don't really care about the specific details, its epic, grand sound is a delight to listen to.