Princess Mononoke Soundtrack

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Album name: Princess Mononoke Soundtrack
Number of Files: 33
Total Filesize: 57.21 MB
Date added: Sep 22nd, 2007

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Song Name Download Size
01 Ashitaka Kouki (The Legend of Ashitaka).mp3 Download 1.50 MB
02 Tatarigami.mp3 Download 3.49 MB
03 Tabidachi Nishi e (The Journey To The West).mp3 Download 2.32 MB
04 Norowarete Chikara (The Demon Power).mp3 Download 530.22 KB
05 Eto (Land Of The Impure).mp3 Download 2.73 MB
06 Deai (Encounter).mp3 Download 776.18 KB
07 Kodamatachi.mp3 Download 2.23 MB
08 Mori no Kami (Forest Of The Gods).mp3 Download 605.94 KB
09 Yuugure no Tatara Jou (Evening At The Ironworks).mp3 Download 608.00 KB
10 Tatarigami II - Ubawareta Yama (The Lost Mountains).mp3 Download 886.55 KB
11 Eboshi Gozen (Lady Eboshi).mp3 Download 2.56 MB
12 Tatara Fumu Onnatachi (The Tatara Women Work Song).mp3 Download 1.33 MB
13 Shura (The Furies).mp3 Download 1.34 MB
14 Higashi Kara Kita Shounen (Young Man From The East).mp3 Download 1.30 MB
15 Requiem.mp3 Download 2.16 MB
16 Ikiro (Will To Live).mp3 Download 460.18 KB
17 Shishigami no Mori no Futari (Pair In The Forest Of The Deer God).mp3 Download 1.50 MB
18 Mononoke Hime.mp3 Download 1.95 MB
19 Requiem II.mp3 Download 2.00 MB
20 Mononoke Hime (Vocal).mp3 Download 3.20 MB
21 Tataki no Taiko (Battle Drums).mp3 Download 2.50 MB
22 Tataraba Mae no Tatakai (The Demon Power II).mp3 Download 1.30 MB
23 Norowareta Chikara II (Demon Power II).mp3 Download 2.28 MB
24 Requiem III.mp3 Download 829.94 KB
25 Haiso (Retreat).mp3 Download 1.37 MB
26 Tatarigami III.mp3 Download 1.09 MB
27 Shi to Sei no Adagio (Adagio Of Life And Death).mp3 Download 1.95 MB
28 Yomi no Sekai (World Of The Dead).mp3 Download 1.33 MB
29 Yomi no Sekai II (World Of The Dead II).mp3 Download 1.41 MB
30 Shi to Sei no Adagio II (Adagio Of Life And Death II).mp3 Download 1002.60 KB
31 Ashitaka to San.mp3 Download 2.87 MB
32 Mononoke Hime (Ending).mp3 Download 1.37 MB
33 Ashitaka Kouki (Legend of Ashitaka Theme).mp3 Download 4.46 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

great album one of the best i've ever heard.sry for asking but how about kemonozume soundtrack if it comes (or is) out could you put it in here please?

great job guys your page is the best

good luck in future

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10


kodamatachi would be so great to wake up to as the alarm clock song in the morning

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

omg... i must say this is one of the most beautiful music ever composed, i can't believe that my tears drop when hearing " mononoke hime "...
amazing music, really calm and takes ur fantasy, feels like i was really in that forest

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

kodamatachi (track 7) is corrupted, please replace

Submitted by pinkypanda
Rating: 10/10

I love all of Joe Hisaishi's work on Ghibli movies! Always love Ghibli. So this collection makes love them more! Great Composition, great work!

Submitted by AhegaoMaster22
Rating: 10/10

Joe Hisaishi is the man!!! :D

Submitted by yewon
Rating: 10/10

Great!! I love it

Submitted by Aryore
Rating: 9/10

Breathtaking composition

Would it be possible to upload a higher bit rate for example 192 kbps or 320 kbps thank you

I give this album a rating of
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