Xenogears - Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Xenogears - Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 44
Total Filesize: 173.99 MB
Date added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Game
Released on: Playstation   

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  Track Song Name MP3
101. light from the netherworlds 4:53 6.75 MB
102. stars of tears (out take) 2:58 3.80 MB
103. bonds of sea and fire 3:09 3.45 MB
104. my village is number one 4:05 4.52 MB
105. the valley where wind is born 2:33 2.69 MB
106. faraway promise 1:52 1.76 MB
107. steel giant 2:29 2.94 MB
108. forest of the black moon 4:04 4.44 MB
109. shattering egg of dreams 3:04 3.08 MB
110. back to sleep 0:10 0.14 MB
111. dazil, city of burning sands 3:28 4.39 MB
112. emotions 3:10 3.37 MB
113. grahf, emperor of darkness 3:51 4.77 MB
114. fuse 2:34 3.69 MB
115. leftovers of the dreams of the strong 5:09 6.44 MB
116. the treasure which cannot be stolen 3:27 3.59 MB
117. aveh, the ancient dance 1:52 2.82 MB
118. invasion 3:14 4.32 MB
119. stage of death 2:40 3.68 MB
120. in a dark sleep 0:23 0.38 MB
121. singing of the gentle wind 4:11 3.87 MB
122. the wounded shall advance into the light 1:58 2.24 MB
123. lost... broken shards 1:06 1.01 MB
124. thames, the men of the sea 3:51 5.03 MB
125. the blue traveler 3:12 4.48 MB
201. ship of regret and sleep 2:43 3.00 MB
202. the jaws of ice 2:54 3.48 MB
203. knight of fire 2:44 3.39 MB
204. june mermaid 4:29 4.48 MB
205. shevat, the wind is calling 3:32 4.68 MB
206. the sky, the clouds, and you 2:37 2.67 MB
207. gathering stars in the night sky 3:05 3.65 MB
208. tears of the stars, hearts of the people 3:36 3.99 MB
209. flight 4:50 5.96 MB
210. wings 2:22 3.40 MB
211. solaris, eden of heaven 3:44 4.47 MB
212. back to sleep 0:14 0.24 MB
213. the one who is torn apart 5:08 5.59 MB
214. pray for the people's joy 3:27 4.14 MB
215. omen 4:56 5.79 MB
216. awakening 4:23 5.92 MB
217. one who bares fangs at god 6:07 7.30 MB
218. the beginning and the end 4:37 6.06 MB
219. small two of pieces ~screeching shards~ 6:20 8.13 MB


Submitted by EvLugiEv
Rating: 10/10

My own personal favorite by Yasunori Mitsuda. No words can explain it other than this album is a MUST HAVE in anyone's music collection. Sorry, Chrono Trigger music fans, but this one takes the cake! I hope that you come to love and appreciate this timeless work of beauty as much as I do! NOTE: playing the Xenogears game is a must, for it helps in appreciating this music even more...but alas, you knew that already, didn't you? ^_^

Submitted by Kell13
Rating: 5/10

I used to have all the OST of Xenogear but now its vanished...by the way did anyone have the Japanese version of the song???

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

the game is great,
and so does the music.

and i'd say, without yasunori's touch in this game's music, none of the events in Xenogears would be enjoyable.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

Great song man,Thanks for the upload but there a tiny problem with one of the song especially [My village is number 1].The file isn't mp3 but a wav file.Failed conversion ?

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

very nice..i am very happy..
because i so missing this music..
i hear again these music some like i play again this game. i like it.
thank you very much..
thank you very very much..

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

One of the best games ever made. I"m very happy to have found this wonderfull site with such awesome music. And I still have the original game. ^_^

Submitted by ~VisuelleRei~
Rating: 5/10

This game and its soundtracks had been a large influence to most things i do. Thank you very very much!

Submitted by jarza08
Rating: 5/10

A humble men from Paraguay thanks you from the bottom of his heart!!

Submitted by klark kenn
Rating: 10/10

hearing this song makes me want to play this game again .. this is one of the my favorite games..thank you very much.

Submitted by Rathnik
Rating: 10/10

Love the music and the game unfortunatly my disk no longer loads past the opening cutscene.

Submitted by sikandarbakht
Rating: 10/10

one of the best music in video games .makes me remember good old college days

Submitted by Sun King
Rating: 10/10

One of Mitsuda's best collection of work. Competes well with his work on Chrono Cross

Submitted by alucard7
Rating: 10/10

One of the best Jrpg of all times and the best story imho. Master Mitsuda Yasunori wrote at his best, even better than the Chrono Trigger and Cross games'. Every track remembers a single moment or situation in the game... I don't dare to call it just a game because it isn't. it's somewhat more and more involving than a classic rpg or adventure game. It tells a story that could probably be ours in some way...a lost past or a distant future. Thanks for the chance to share this ost with us.

Submitted by rockyon
Rating: 10/10

thank you so much for keeping classic JRPG music, this game always memorable until now

Submitted by jormungand
Rating: 10/10

this game and soundtracks very good even after 10 years

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