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World at Arms

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile, Online, Windows
Year: 2012
Developed by: Gameloft Bulgaria EOOD
Published by: Gameloft S.A.

Number of Files: 29
Total Filesize: 43 MB (MP3), 64 MB (OGG)
Date Added: Apr 10th, 2023
Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: AlexDragan2165

This soundtrack it's quite rare because that the game is dead and rarely people played it so here's the ost right before the game gets shutdown.
Games Description:
World at Arms is a free-to-play wargame shown from an isometric viewpoint. It mostly focuses on building and expanding a military base, training units and researching technologies, but also offers a large amount of battles through a campaign and worldwide online PvP battles. The game is set in an alternate version of the world where the USA, once a superpower, was attacked through a deadly nuclear assault. The aggressor is the terrorist group KRA, a thinly veiled reference to North Korea. The player participates in the battle to help rebuild the country and defeat the KRA.

Most of the time is spent on base management. Starting with a small base, the player can build and expand it on a large map. Buildings are unlocked gradually by earning experience and leveling up and they are divided into different categories. There are buildings that focus on generating income with golden coins, the basic currency in the game. These include a mess hall, a bar, a black market, a warehouse etc. They generate income over time and the currency is claimed by clicking the icon on top of the building. The basic currency is also provided by winning battles and clicking units that move around the base. To maintain a number of buildings enough energy needs to be available, by constructing different types of plants. Oil is the currency to participate in battles. It is acquired through wells, towers and refineries and requires separate buildings for storage. Military buildings are needed to train troops, build vehicles and research new technologies. Other elements are cannons, shelters, fences, anti-air cannons and more. The base can be freely designed and buildings can be moved or rotated along with roads for transport. Just like buildings, expanding the base costs money and sometimes provides access to new types of technologies. Helpers provide assistance while building a base with different types of missions and rewards. Just like the basic income, trained units, vehicles and oil needs to be claimed by clicking an icon and construction/training cannot be queued up.

After building troops, players can battle in a campaign, shown through a world map, starting in the US, where the influence gradually changes based on the progress. Battles take place on land, in the air or in water, each with different types of units. There are marines, tanks, jets, submarines etc. Battles are largely automated. They take place on a rolling battlefield where the sides are split by diagonal barbed wire in the middle of the screen, dividing it into two rolling parts. Before starting a battle a selection of the units can be assigned to available spots. When done they move forward in a horizontal line and attack automatically. The player can interfere in a small number of ways, by launching an expensive missile, quickly clicking units when they glow for a special attack or preventing enemies that glow, clicking/tapping crates to activate a power-up or collect items, quickly disabling an enemy missile, or removing obstacles or clicking/tapping barrels that cause an explosion. The outcome is however largely based on the selected units.

The game is free-to-play and has waiting times to complete the construction of buildings, the training of units and generating oil and the basic currency. A secondary, premium medal currency is used to access expensive units and skip waiting times. It can be purchased for real money. Players are encouraged to join online alliances with other players to help each other out by repairing a friendly base or sending a gift. These actions are rewarded through hearts as a social currency. During battles friends can be called in to passively provide reinforcements. The PvP aspect allows players to attack an enemy army and then invade their base to steal gold. Optionally the base can be protected in various ways to prevent enemy attacks. This aspect is also played out passively and does not require interaction from both players simultaneously. It is possible to provide bounties for defeating other players.

Download all songs at once: click to download (OGG+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 OGG    
1. Loading Screen 0:48 1.14 MB 1.24 MB get_app
2. Development 1 0:48 1.32 MB 1.37 MB get_app
3. Development 2 0:39 1.11 MB 1.24 MB get_app
4. Development 3 0:50 1.37 MB 1.41 MB get_app
5. Development 4 0:46 1.27 MB 1.36 MB get_app
6. Development 5 0:46 1.32 MB 1.45 MB get_app
7. Development 6 0:49 1.35 MB 1.47 MB get_app
8. World Map 1 1:43 2.69 MB 5.01 MB get_app
9. World Map 2 1:54 2.63 MB 5.13 MB get_app
10. Battle Debriefing 0:58 1.61 MB 3.32 MB get_app
11. Battle Theme 1 2:15 3.49 MB 7.06 MB get_app
12. Battle Theme 2 1:48 2.89 MB 5.76 MB get_app
13. Victory 0:08 0.31 MB 0.78 MB get_app
14. Defeat 0:09 0.34 MB 0.81 MB get_app
15. Lottery Theme (Removed) 1:08 2.31 MB 2.86 MB get_app
16. Lottery Reward (Removed) 0:07 0.26 MB 0.67 MB get_app
17. Faction Development 1 1:07 1.54 MB 1.54 MB get_app
18. Faction Development 2 0:59 1.37 MB 1.43 MB get_app
19. Faction Development 3 1:00 1.39 MB 1.44 MB get_app
20. Faction Combat Debriefing 0:52 1.39 MB 3.03 MB get_app
21. Faction Battle Theme 1:45 2.72 MB 5.46 MB get_app
22. Faction Victory 0:08 0.28 MB 0.69 MB get_app
23. Faction Defeat 0:09 0.28 MB 0.69 MB get_app
24. Winter Development 1 0:52 1.52 MB 1.52 MB get_app
25. Winter Development 2 0:49 1.32 MB 1.46 MB get_app
26. Winter Development 3 0:49 1.50 MB 1.50 MB get_app
27. Winter Development 4 0:55 1.63 MB 1.61 MB get_app
28. Winter Development 5 0:52 1.51 MB 1.53 MB get_app
29. Winter Development 6 0:48 1.30 MB 1.47 MB get_app

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