Wolfs Rain Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Wolfs Rain Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 21
Total Filesize: 148.47 MB
Date added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Anime

A woderful with a slight, jazzy Brazilian edge and jam-packed with musical emotion.
Released on: Anime   

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  Track Song Name MP3
1. stray 5:22 12.28 MB
2. rakuen 3:03 7.00 MB
3. coração selvagem 3:28 7.95 MB
4. renga 1:32 3.52 MB
5. pilgrim snow 2:23 5.44 MB
6. leaving on red hill 2:59 6.83 MB
7. shiro 2:04 4.73 MB
8. dogs and angels 3:02 6.94 MB
9. strangers 5:04 11.59 MB
10. sleeping wolves 2:08 4.87 MB
11. tip toe waltz 1:31 3.49 MB
12. my little flower 2:43 6.24 MB
13. could you bite the hand 3:40 8.38 MB
14. valse de la lune 3:03 7.00 MB
15. hot dog wolf 2:23 5.47 MB
16. silver river 3:24 7.80 MB
17. sold your soul 2:25 5.55 MB
18. visions of a flame 1:34 3.57 MB
19. run, wolf warrior, run 5:55 13.55 MB
20. gravity 3:17 7.50 MB
21. paradiso 3:50 8.78 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Thanks very much!! I have been look for this music and I'm very pleased. It's beautiful music for beautiful anime. Great apport!!!

Submitted by Sezja
Rating: 10/10

an amajing anime amazing soundtrack
20-gravity of the best for me.
Thanks to yoko kanno for this great musics:)

Submitted by koyani4
Rating: 5/10

AWESOME!!!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST THING LIFE HAS EVER GIVEN!! there is NOTHING that can beat this! its so insanely good! no words can explain it!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

simply awsome
Kiba rocks
Wat a song
At last my search is over ...
Gud thinkin visitin dis site
Enjoy and dont miss it

Submitted by lanellumoningtonu
Rating: 9/10

Combined with the OST 2, the Wolf's Rain soundtrack release gets a 9 from me. Why not a 10?? Because the Lunar Flower Lullaby is missing!! Otherwise the release (both discs) is outstanding, a must have!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Wolf's rain it's more beautiful !
I've watched all 30 episode so thank's to author of this Anime
w Tsume

Submitted by ShadowAlpha[F]
Rating: 10/10

I LOVE WOLF'S RAIN!!!!! but the only part i don't like.... SPOILER ALERT!!!!!: they all mostly die T~T

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Wolf's Rain is one of the best anime series i've ever seen........ And the sound tracks made me feel like it is happening right infront of my eyes. Thanks Dude for uploading these OST.....

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I haven't heard it all yet, but so far the Wolf's rain soundtrack is amazing, my favorite track is Strangers, and since this music is so good, it might be worth my time to watch the anime :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I only just finished watching WOLF RAIN man its the best too late to get the dvd though :( good music great show.

Submitted by RaidenHunter
Rating: 10/10

A wonderful and heartwarming soundtrack from Yoko Kanno.Every one of these tracks are awesome.Wolfs Rain is the best show I've ever seen.

Submitted by hope43
Rating: 5/10

I watch it and I can't stop

WOLF'S RAIN is so cool I what To de a Wolf so I can go to!!!

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