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Album name: WarGames
Number of Files: 9
Total Filesize: 49.47 MB
Date added: Sep 30th, 2007

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Song Name Download Size
Track 2.mp3 Download 4.29 MB
Track 3.mp3 Download 5.62 MB
Track 4.mp3 Download 5.62 MB
Track 5.mp3 Download 5.59 MB
Track 6.mp3 Download 5.80 MB
Track 7.mp3 Download 5.58 MB
Track 8.mp3 Download 5.61 MB
Track 9.mp3 Download 5.68 MB
Track 10.mp3 Download 5.64 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 4/10

Needs to have track number 12. I've been looking for track 12 for a year now and I still can't find it!

Submitted by Brrnout
Rating: 5/10

Nice one man, but you got a bunch missing. Also unnamed guest above if you actully own a copy of the game this is one of the few PS1 games where you can extract the music easy from a computer. You can also play it like a cd on any normal cd player!


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