The Last of Us (2013)

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Album name: The Last of Us (2013)
Number of Files: 30
Total Filesize: 134 MB
Date added: Sep 10th, 2015
Released on: Playstation 3   Playstation 4   

Download all songs at once: click to download
  # Song Name MP3  
1. The Quarantine Zone (20 Years Later) 3:40 8.64 MB get_app
2. The Hour 1:02 2.59 MB get_app
3. The Last of Us 3:03 7.24 MB get_app
4. Forgotten Memories 1:08 2.82 MB get_app
5. The Outbreak 1:32 3.73 MB get_app
6. Vanishing Grace 2:06 5.05 MB get_app
7. The Hunters 2:00 4.81 MB get_app
8. All Gone 1:13 3.03 MB get_app
9. Vanishing Grace (Innocence) 0:56 2.37 MB get_app
10. By Any Means 1:53 4.55 MB get_app
11. The Choice 1:42 4.14 MB get_app
12. Smugglers 1:38 3.99 MB get_app
13. The Last of Us (Never Again) 1:02 2.59 MB get_app
14. The Last of Us (Goodnight) 0:51 2.19 MB get_app
15. I Know What You Are 1:22 3.35 MB get_app
16. Home 3:08 7.40 MB get_app
17. Infected 1:16 3.14 MB get_app
18. All Gone (Aftermath) 1:04 2.70 MB get_app
19. The Last of Us (A New Dawn) 2:28 5.89 MB get_app
20. All Gone (No Escape) 2:54 6.89 MB get_app
21. Vanishing Grace (Childhood) 1:41 4.10 MB get_app
22. The Path 1:29 3.63 MB get_app
23. All Gone (Alone) 1:22 3.38 MB get_app
24. Blackout 1:39 4.01 MB get_app
25. The Way It Was 1:31 3.73 MB get_app
26. Breathless 1:24 3.46 MB get_app
27. The Last of Us (You and Me) 2:09 5.15 MB get_app
28. All Gone (The Outside) 1:58 4.74 MB get_app
29. The Path (A New Beginning) 2:47 6.61 MB get_app
30. Returning 3:36 8.46 MB get_app

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Submitted by Superex
Rating: 10/10

Perfect. This music is worth listening to. Some of them make you depressed. You'll feel very sad. Emotional. But after hearing it, you'll want to hear it again.

Gusta vo Santaolalla did a perfect job. His work isn't simply successful, it's excellent. Someday, I wish I could meet him and thank him for making such good music.

Downl oad it. Really. Download it. Very good music.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I love these sound track, they arouse my feelings progressively

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

its AMAZING but what if u put in movie music

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I like this all sounds of the last of us

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Awesome! Soundtrack from a great game and awesome for free download of these masterpiece.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Damn it!! It's Last of Us... I couldn't give less

Submitted by ArashKhm
Rating: 10/10

awesome album by awesome composer (y)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

the game is awesome, and the music goes with it

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Very good for this collection it is very useful to gamers and in the last of us games the music is heart touching thank you

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Love this game. I am connected to you

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Cool,super,merc i beaucoup pour l'album de The Last Of Us.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

10/10, nothing more to say, perfect soundtrack and perfect game.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

excellent & Perfect
i love it
thanks for that

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

the third song is a magnificent song .

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

The last of us is a close to perfect game. It is the best game ever made which has many emotions displayed perfectly. The way the emotions are displayed is highly dependent on the type of music played at that time, and Gustavo Santaolalla did an amazing job at this. These songs are close to perfect and display each and every emotion perfectly. I just loved these songs and I personally feel that this music played a major role in making the last of us the best game ever made.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I love the last of us
I want to thank each person who has made this wonderful game , specially nail drunman and
gusta vo santaolalla and Bruce.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

really works well with cinematics and horror films
hats off for the awesome music made by the composer!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

The Music is great. I well never forget your awesome music!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

OUTSTANDING. Soundtrack fits perfectly with game.

Submitted by RoboKip
Rating: 10/10

One of the best games and OSTs Ever

Submitted by Padfoot323
Rating: 10/10

An amazing videogame combines with a excelent soundtrack!
My personal favorite tracks:
The Last of Us;
All Gone (No Escape)- so sentimental;
The Path (A new beginning);
Vanishing Grace (Childhood);
The Last of Us (Goodnight);
The Quarantine Zone;
and all the other tracks called "All gone" or "Th Last of Us" are also very good.
It's really amazing.

Submitted by defronsack
Rating: 10/10

Merci pour ce superbe album, encodage top, trop bien!

Submitted by homi
Rating: 10/10

Could you provide FLAC files as well for higher quality...Im a bit audiophile, or audiofool (:
But reall

Submitted by Brownlynx29
Rating: 10/10 bgm...heartrending string sounds

Submitted by sayid
Rating: 10/10

Guys, if you are here and search for the song of the Main menu and it's not in the list, because it is in Vol.2. find it here:

it's the Track No.2,
All Gone (Seasons)