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Organ Trail - Director's Cut Original Soundtrack

Platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Online, PS Vita, PS4, Windows
Year: 2012
Catalog Number: N/A
Developed by: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
Published by: Boco, The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Number of Files: 22
Total Filesize: 97 MB
Date Added: Dec 12th, 2015
Album type: Soundtrack

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Patient Zero 2:55 5.34 MB get_app
2. I Know a Safe Place 2:04 3.38 MB get_app
3. Rotting Meat Wagon 4:46 7.61 MB get_app
4. Highways and Headstones 3:49 6.30 MB get_app
5. Once Alive, Twice Dead 1:04 1.92 MB get_app
6. The Dead Also Starve (Bonus Track) 1:20 2.53 MB get_app
7. Promise Me You Won't Die 4:43 7.60 MB get_app
8. Five Broken Finger Discount 2:34 5.11 MB get_app
9. You've Doomed Us All 2:25 4.37 MB get_app
10. Come Back Alive 0:54 1.43 MB get_app
11. Everyone I Love is Dead 4:31 6.15 MB get_app
12. Cold, Black Sky 3:33 6.65 MB get_app
13. Hunger Pains 1:01 1.87 MB get_app
14. Ravenous Decaying Teeth 1:57 3.58 MB get_app
15. Lifeless 3:45 5.85 MB get_app
16. I'll Be Right Back 0:50 1.43 MB get_app
17. Their Faces Still Haunt Us 4:27 8.20 MB get_app
18. The Last of the Damned 3:17 5.75 MB get_app
19. Twice and Forever Dead (Bonus Track) 1:04 1.85 MB get_app
20. The Last of the Damned (Orchestra) 1:16 2.16 MB get_app
21. This Party is Dead 0:35 0.92 MB get_app
22. Wait, I'm Still Myself (Bonus Track) 4:21 7.25 MB get_app

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01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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This music gives the game the right amount of atmosphere it needs to get across the themes of horror that the limited graphics can't. With the overall sense of dread in the themes of the towns as well as the tense music that plays every time you scavenge, it puts you in a helpless mindset, making every event that happens feel just as intense as if it were real, despite it just being simplistic pixels. With how the music incorporates retro sounds to resonate with the nostalgic view of this reimagining of the Oregon Trail, this may be one of my favorite soundtracks to fit any game I've played.


01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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OMG YES! Thank you! After watching Joel's streams, I really got in the mood!

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Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Peaceful soundtrack, brings back memories