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Operation C



Platforms: GB
Year: 1991
Developed by: Konami
Published by: Konami, Palcom, Ultra

Number of Files: 14
Total Filesize: 43 MB (MP3), 118 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: May 30th, 2022
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Stage Select 0:53 2.01 MB 4.85 MB get_app
2. Jungle Battle (Area 1) 1:54 3.33 MB 9.35 MB get_app
3. Maze Fortress 2 (Boss) 1:34 3.15 MB 9.66 MB get_app
4. Triumphal Return 1 (Area Clear) 0:04 0.11 MB 0.31 MB get_app
5. Area 2 2:14 4.60 MB 15.13 MB get_app
6. Waterfall of Bloodshed (Area 3) 1:25 2.42 MB 6.44 MB get_app
7. Area 3 Mid-Boss 0:27 0.93 MB 2.44 MB get_app
8. Ice Fortress (Area 4) 1:25 3.22 MB 7.97 MB get_app
9. Flame Fortress (Area 5) 2:04 4.34 MB 11.02 MB get_app
10. Shivery Beat (Final Boss) 1:06 1.75 MB 4.76 MB get_app
11. Triumphal Return 2 (Last Area Clear) 0:06 0.14 MB 0.41 MB get_app
12. Ending 3:36 7.09 MB 17.89 MB get_app
13. Game Over 0:04 0.11 MB 0.30 MB get_app
14. Waterfall of Bloodshed (Alternate) 6:36 9.69 MB 27.76 MB get_app


The game has a total of five stages, many of which share design similarities to Super C (the NES version of Super Contra). The three odd-numbered stages (1, 3, and 5) are played from a side-view perspective, while the two even-numbered ones (2 and 4) are top-view. The soundtrack consists primarily of arranged background music from the original Contra, with the exception of a few tunes (namely the Area 2 theme, the Stage Select theme, the sub-boss theme in Area 3, and the ending theme). Operation C was the first Contra game to feature auto-fire as a default feature, resulting in the removal of the Machine Gun power-up from previous games. The Laser Rifle is also removed, leaving only the Spread Shot and Fire Gun from Super C. However, the game introduces a new Homing Gun that fires bullets that chase after enemies. The Spread Shot starts out as a three-way shot, but it can be upgraded to a five-way version after picking it up a second time. Unlike Super C, the Fire Gun does not have chargeable shots, while the Barrier and Rapid Bullets power-ups are not featured in this installment either.

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03:29 Oct 2nd, 2022Offline

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Operation C has a great soundtrack! I don't really have any favorites out of this soundtrack, but I think it gives you some good music to listen to while playing the game. The game itself is amazing and fun, but I don't think it compares to Contra or Super C. The stages are amazing and fun, but they kinda drag after a while. Especially the last stage.The weapons are great and useful (Especially the spread shot). By the way, this is also the first game to have the homing shot that makes timing your shots almost a complete non issue. If you had the spread shot before grabbing the homing shot, then nothing can stand in your way. However, this might be the only 2D contra game that has the homing shot combine with whatever weapon your using. In Contra III: The Alien Wars and Contra Hard Corps, the homing shot is it's own weapon. As for the bosses, they range from being fairly easy to somewhat annoying. Overall, Operation C is a great game with good stages, great music, fun stages, useful weapons, and okay bosses.
Soundtrack: 7.6/10.
Game: 7.5/10.

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06:16 May 30th, 2022Offline

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This album was updated on 30th of May, 2022.

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01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Superbe OST, a shame the rip is not clear... Could someone upload a better version ?