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N.O.V.A. Legacy


Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile, Online
Year: 2017
Developed by: Gameloft Madrid S.L.U, Gameloft Minsk
Published by: Gameloft S.A.

Number of Files: 6
Total Filesize: 10 MB (MP3), 19 MB (OGG)
Date Added: Jul 11th, 2023
Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: AlexDragan2165

Download all songs at once: click to download (OGG+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 OGG    
1. Main Theme 2:54 3.79 MB 5.51 MB get_app
2. Mission Complete 1:03 1.07 MB 2.33 MB get_app
3. Mission Failed 0:06 0.12 MB 0.47 MB get_app
4. Pursuit Action 1:15 1.96 MB 4.21 MB get_app
5. Pursuit Ambient 1:15 1.62 MB 3.46 MB get_app
6. Title Sequence (Unused) 1:13 1.14 MB 2.52 MB get_app


This Game is a disappointment To say the least. It's a Worse Version of the original game with pay2win mechanics, worse graphics and the OST
is copied from N.O.V.A. 3 Just Shorter (Except The Main Theme song). The Title sequence song was used in the beta versions before it was removed. Its still in the game files albeit Unused.
Game Description:
Kal Wardin, our hero, is a retired N.O.V.A. veteran summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suit in defense of the Colonial Administration forces.

Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal must protect humanity's destiny by entering the battlefield against alien invaders while uncovering the mystery behind their sudden attack.

A RETRO SHOOTER EXPERIENCE: - Enjoy the classic action of the renowned Gameloft FPS series. - Craft and upgrade weapons, from powerful Assault Rifles to devastating Plasma Guns. - Enjoy the original N.O.V.A. shooter experience with drastically improved performance and gameplay.

DEFEAT ALIEN FORCES IN VARIOUS GAME MODES: - Story Mode: Delve into the plot and fight to uncover the truth about these alien invaders. - Shadow Events: Defeat the aliens' Special Forces in challenging limited-time events. - Special Ops: Launch a strategic strike on unique alien formations.

TEST YOUR SKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS: - Deathmatch: Be the last one standing in a 6-player firefight. - Customize your character with a variety of Marine and alien skins. - Leaderboards and 3rd-person "Death Cam" replays.

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