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Madness Project Nexus Classic (Flash)

Platforms: Online
Year: 2012

Number of Files: 9
Total Filesize: 27 MB
Date Added: May 23rd, 2021
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. The Day Before 2:37 2.68 MB get_app
2. Duck and Cover 1:41 1.82 MB get_app
3. Catastrophy 2:53 2.92 MB get_app
4. Nuclear Mutation 2:12 2.29 MB get_app
5. Fight or Flight 3:49 3.77 MB get_app
6. Getaway 2:35 2.64 MB get_app
7. Lost and Destroyed 3:57 3.89 MB get_app
8. Roadtrip through the Apocolypse 3:01 3.05 MB get_app
9. Salvation Closing 3:52 3.82 MB get_app

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Your Fellow Idiot

07:06 Dec 29th, 2021Offline

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Waiting for the sequel soundtrack tho

It's coming. I already uploaded it, but we have to wait, so it doesn't get removed by the developers immediately.


08:38 Dec 28th, 2021Offline

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Waiting for the sequel soundtrack tho


10:40 Sep 30th, 2021Offline

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I love Madness Combat, and I love both versions of Project Nexus equally, the one on Newgrounds, and the one on Steam. (i don't have the full game, only the demo)

Your Fellow Idiot

01:15 Sep 30th, 2021Offline

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So the Steam game came out. I already uploaded the OST, but that has to wait a very long time, due to a blackout period since it just came out yesterday.

Soul Boyfriend

09:26 Jul 12th, 2021Offline

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Madness Combat all themes soundtrack for those Madness Combat fans?


08:39 May 30th, 2021Offline

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This game's soundtrack is great, but it's missing the KILLBOT Remix by Horror Stereo (original by Devin Martin) which is the one that plays at the bosses :P