Kirby Super Star Original Game Audio

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Album name: Kirby Super Star Original Game Audio
Number of Files: 65
Total Filesize: 105 MB
Date added: Nov 22nd, 2006
Released on: Nintendo SNES   

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. kirby super star 0:14 0.42 MB get_app
2. game select 0:59 1.41 MB get_app
3. time to learn 1:27 2.09 MB get_app
4. spring breeze intro 0:28 0.66 MB get_app
5. green greens 1:37 2.38 MB get_app
6. float islands 1:40 2.32 MB get_app
7. bubbly clouds 1:57 2.43 MB get_app
8. boss battle 1:30 2.37 MB get_app
9. victory star 1 0:24 0.43 MB get_app
10. victory dance 1 0:06 0.17 MB get_app
11. mt. dedede 2:10 3.40 MB get_app
12. spring breeze ending 1:44 2.70 MB get_app
13. dynablade intro 0:26 0.62 MB get_app
14. dynablade theme 1:46 2.77 MB get_app
15. dynablade overworld 1:08 1.30 MB get_app
16. dynablade area 1 1:46 2.54 MB get_app
17. dynablade area 2 2:06 2.69 MB get_app
18. dynablade area 3 2:18 3.26 MB get_app
19. dynablade area 4 2:49 3.19 MB get_app
20. victory dance 2 0:03 0.06 MB get_app
21. going after dynablade 0:37 0.73 MB get_app
22. choose your weapon 0:33 0.63 MB get_app
23. dynablade final area 0:35 0.65 MB get_app
24. dyna-chicks 0:18 0.27 MB get_app
25. gourmet race intro 0:13 0.24 MB get_app
26. hidden race song 0:59 1.06 MB get_app
27. gourmet race stage 1, 3 3:02 3.46 MB get_app
28. gourmet race stage 2 3:02 3.22 MB get_app
29. counting the wins 0:06 0.11 MB get_app
30. winner! 0:01 0.02 MB get_app
31. kirby wins! 0:46 0.87 MB get_app
32. king dedede wins 0:08 0.15 MB get_app
33. the great cave offensive 3:02 3.49 MB get_app
34. begin treasure hunting 3:02 3.46 MB get_app
35. save area 1:08 1.21 MB get_app
36. mine cart riding 0:59 1.13 MB get_app
37. later treasure hunting 3:02 3.30 MB get_app
38. rpg kirby battles 2:08 1.95 MB get_app
39. revenge of metaknight intro 0:38 0.68 MB get_app
40. revenge of metaknight 0:06 0.11 MB get_app
41. kirby arrives on the scene 2:43 3.19 MB get_app
42. grape garden 1:55 2.19 MB get_app
43. taking over the halberd 3:02 3.37 MB get_app
44. metaknight overworld 0:57 1.08 MB get_app
45. battle with metaknight 2:24 3.01 MB get_app
46. escape the halberd 1:30 1.73 MB get_app
47. revenge of metaknight ending 2:26 2.69 MB get_app
48. kirby star twinkle 0:01 0.02 MB get_app
49. milky way wishes intro 1:54 1.99 MB get_app
50. milky way overworld 1:26 1.69 MB get_app
51. victory star 2 0:40 0.67 MB get_app
52. wishing with nova 0:50 0.91 MB get_app
53. flying into nova 2:05 2.46 MB get_app
54. battle with marx 2:46 3.38 MB get_app
55. popstar saved 0:18 0.33 MB get_app
56. victory star 3 0:54 0.90 MB get_app
57. invincible lollipop 0:37 0.70 MB get_app
58. out of health 0:03 0.04 MB get_app
59. whoops! 0:03 0.05 MB get_app
60. floating away 1:15 1.32 MB get_app
61. megaton punch 1:03 1.41 MB get_app
62. samurai kirby 0:25 0.48 MB get_app
63. the arena 0:57 1.13 MB get_app
64. gladiator kirby 2:33 2.76 MB get_app
65. kirby super star ending 3:02 3.29 MB get_app

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Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Twinbee: Boys?
Winbee: So that's wh..
Twinbee, Winbee, and Gwinbee: Kirby!
Kutter:Hmph! Hear that robot talk...(drinks the beer) you'd think somethin' was gonna happen to us.(Peach's hair appeared. Kutter spits out a drop, and Kirby pushes the beer) Conscience. Ah, phooey!(Peach's crown appeared. Kirby throws a cigar) Where did they get that stuff? "How do ya ever expect to be a real boy?" (Kutter's face looks like Princess Peach when he turns around)What's he think I look like... a jackass?
Kirby: You sure do! ha ha ha-- aw hee haw.(Kirby covers his mouth with his hands)
Kutter: Hey, you laugh like a donkey! aha ha ha ha ha-- hee haw.(Kutter covers his mouth with his hands) Did that come out of me? (Suddenly, Kutter started to look at himself. it looks just like Princess Peach)What the... What's goin' on?! (Kutter rushes to the mirror screaming and running for his life)Aaaaaaaah! I've been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody help! I've been framed! Help! Please, you've gotta help me! Be a pal! Call that robot! Call anybody!(Kutter's hands turns into Peach's hands) Mama! Mama!(Kutter sacrifices himself and evolved into Peach)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

Luigi: Heeeeeeeeeeeelllp!!!!!
Mario: Shhh. I hear voices.
Kutter: What the... What's goin' on?!
Mario: You are a princess!
Kutter: (Kutter rushes to the mirror screaming and running for his life)Aaaaaaaah! I've been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody help! I've been framed! Help! Please, you've gotta help me! Be a pal! Call that robot! Call anybody!(Kutter's hands turns into Peach's hands) Mama! Mama!(Kutter sacrifices himself and evolved into Peach)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

I don't enjoy the other guests' non-reviews and stupid remarks, but I do enjoy this album. It's a fairly good Kirby soundtrack, so I give it a 9. If you've ever played Kirby Super Star, then you'll probably want to at least give its tracks a listen for sake of nostalgia.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Sailor ChibiChibi Moon:Oops! I did it again.
Water Kirby:Whoa! Don't do that yourself. that could be dangerous!(Water Kirby wears a Gas mask and cleaning the toxic chemicals spilled on the ground.) Never clean up anything you fell, unless you know it's safe.(Water Kirby takes off his Gas mask) tell your parents right away, and ask them for help. Toxic Chemicals can burn or poison you. even breathing them is dangerous.
Sailor ChibiChibi Moon:What's the big deal? that stuff wasn't so powerful.(a hole shows up and Sailor ChibiChibi Moon fell onto the pit) whoa!
Water Kirby:Some Sailor Moon characters just don't listen.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Tails: "We're surrounded, Sonic! Do the Twilight Bark!"
Sonic: "No way, Tails! This is nothing! Twiloght Bark is for dog emergencies! If we do the Twilight Bark for assistance, someone who really needed help would be in trouble! If there's one long howl, or too short, or one yip and a woof, that's when you do Twilight Bark. One person's dumb joke could be another person's disaster.

Submitted by Zeix
Rating: 10/10

Yeah, I have no idea what the hell those roleplay comments are all about, but this is the most fantastic soundtrack I have ever heard on the SNES. :) Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Submitted by BHgamefreak375
Rating: 10/10

What the $&*@ am I reading? Anyway this was my first Kirby game and my 2nd favorite Kirby game, The 1st being its remake.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Revenge of Meta Knight is my favorite. This game is so amazing. Favorite of my childhood.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

These weird roleplaying comments are something else haha, but just wanted to say how much I adored both the game and soundtrack for Kirby Super Star. I'm surprised there isn't a track for the treasure collection jingle in The Great Cave Offensive mini-game (probably my favorite of the entire game).

Submitted by UserNane193
Rating: 10/10

Erm, where is the invincibility theme?

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Really funny andcool.
I like kirby!!!!

Submitted by HighRollerHydra
Rating: 10/10's an excellent album, but I'm PRETTY sure the roleplaying comments should be kept in a forum or something similar.

Submitted by superherosonic1
Rating: 10/10

These roleplay comments are something else, I swear to god. Anyway, this is a really good rip, and I like these songs a lot. However, the game select song is avtually called Corkboard, but that doesnt bother me much. 10/10, would listen again.