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Ecco the Dolphin

에코 더 돌핀

Platforms: Genesis / Mega Drive
Year: 1992
Developed by: Novotrade Software
Published by: Sega

Number of Files: 19
Total Filesize: 60 MB (MP3), 133 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Mar 5th, 2020
Album type: Gamerip

Download all songs at once: click to download (FLAC+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 FLAC    
1. Opening Theme 4:16 5.01 MB 9.17 MB get_app
2. The Lagoon 2:08 4.10 MB 12.09 MB get_app
3. Medusa Bay 2:14 3.54 MB 7.33 MB get_app
4. Undercaves 2:09 2.58 MB 5.29 MB get_app
5. The Vents 1:33 1.75 MB 3.17 MB get_app
6. Open Ocean 1:41 3.45 MB 8.87 MB get_app
7. Ice Zone 2:57 5.15 MB 10.63 MB get_app
8. Island Zone 1:50 2.77 MB 4.77 MB get_app
9. Time Travel 1:34 2.74 MB 7.81 MB get_app
10. Jurassic Beach 2:21 4.33 MB 9.13 MB get_app
11. The Tube 2:12 3.21 MB 6.40 MB get_app
12. Welcome to the Machine 1:55 3.53 MB 7.87 MB get_app
13. The Stomach 2:03 2.65 MB 5.69 MB get_app
14. Ending Theme 1:33 2.81 MB 6.20 MB get_app
15. Unused (Sound Test 06) 2:01 3.76 MB 9.00 MB get_app
16. Unused (Sound Test 12) 0:32 1.02 MB 1.87 MB get_app
17. Unused (Sound Test 14) 1:59 2.99 MB 7.23 MB get_app
18. Unused (Sound Test 18) 1:27 2.13 MB 4.45 MB get_app
19. Unused (Sound Test 19) 1:38 2.61 MB 6.33 MB get_app

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08:14 Jun 10th, 2022Offline

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Ecco The Dolphin has a decent soundtrack that suffers from the gems sound chip (I'm not saying all gems soundtracks are bad because it can be done right such as Vector Man 1 and 2). My favorites are the opening theme song, Ice Zone, and Welcome To The Machine because it gives me Vietnam flashbacks... The game itself isn't as hard as I remembered it (Besides a handful of stages and enemies). The ice levels suck because of the damn spiders that move very quickly and the trilobites which are the bane of my existence. The trilobites are fast and they follow you around until they kill you. They are also usually placed in cheap spots Making them one of my most hated enemies in video games. I also hate Eccos control because it's stiff as hell and sometimes it can get you Massacred by enemies such as crabs, spiders, and trilobites. The bosses are extremely hard and annoying and for some reason, they don't give you a check point before the boss or give the boss it's own stage. Which will make your angry level sky rocket through the roof. Lastly, that Welcome to the machine level can go f*ck itself. It is five minutes long with crashing painful defeat by either the vortex or the screen telling that you just screwed yourself. After that painful level, you fight the final boss which is time consuming and Annoying. If you die on the boss, that means you have to do the whole level again. Thankfully, you can enter a password that takes you to the final boss, so you don't have to play that annoying level again. Overall, Ecco The Dolphin is a decent with a decent soundtrack and a strangely entertaining story.
Game: 5.5/10.
Soundtrack: 5.8/10.
Note: I beaten this game on the sega genesis and it took me two months. I'm currently Over half way done with Ecco The Tides Of Time (Hard Mode).


02:39 Feb 17th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

Ecco The dolphin Has A Creepy and amazing Soundtrack! The Game itself is one of the hardest video games I've ever played and beaten. When you beat a stage in this game it feels like you accomplished something unlike Mega Man X6 Or Mario 2 The Lost levels where you just got through your day of torture. Overall Great Soundtrack and a decent game. Soundtrack:8.4/10. Game:5.3/10.


05:13 Sep 9th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

The game is nice, but it gets weird jaja


10:11 Jul 8th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

beauiful soundtrack but the game is...