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Ecco Jr

Platforms: Genesis / Mega Drive, Windows
Year: 1995
Developed by: Novotrade Software
Published by: Sega

Number of Files: 15
Total Filesize: 64 MB (MP3), 153 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Mar 5th, 2020
Album type: Gamerip

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Opening Theme, The Endless Sea 3:53 5.00 MB 14.26 MB get_app
2. Password Entry, Treasure Caves, ​Mysterious Ridge 3:11 3.76 MB 6.88 MB get_app
3. Home Sea, The Sea of Music, Melodic ​Waters 3:02 5.20 MB 14.62 MB get_app
4. Aqua Maze, Turtle Islands, Seahorse Reef 3:32 3.57 MB 10.30 MB get_app
5. Bay of Songs, Octopus Passage, Meeting ​Maze 4:09 7.52 MB 19.99 MB get_app
6. Seal Rocks, The Enchanted Sea 3:38 5.74 MB 16.67 MB get_app
7. Ocean Tag, Dolphin Ride 1:55 2.38 MB 3.94 MB get_app
8. The Fish Caves, Vents of Pearl 3:37 6.65 MB 16.46 MB get_app
9. The Lagoon of Stonefish, The Ocean of ​Mimicry 2:16 2.44 MB 5.51 MB get_app
10. Fish Reef, Shark Sea 2:18 2.55 MB 4.69 MB get_app
11. The Lagoon of Songs, The Magical Ocean 3:26 3.37 MB 5.25 MB get_app
12. House of the Hermit Crab, Shell Roundup 4:21 6.61 MB 13.69 MB get_app
13. The Bay of Scattered Song 3:04 3.51 MB 8.26 MB get_app
14. Ending (Part 1) 3:23 4.18 MB 9.94 MB get_app
15. Ending (Part 2) 0:52 1.01 MB 2.19 MB get_app

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08:27 Mar 16th, 2021Offline

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Ecco Jr's Soundtrack Is Beyond Forgettable. The Game Itself Is Easy & Boring. It's So Boring That It Has Mega Man 5, Bug's Bunny's Crazy Castle, & Sonic 3D Blast Beaten. I Don't Care About This Game Or Anything That Happens In The "Game". In Fact It's So Easy That It practically Beats It's self. Overall, Forgettable Soundtrack, A Boring Game That Is Somehow More Easy Than The 3 I Just Stated, & The Plot Of The Game Is Just Them Looking For The Blue Whale. Soundtrack:4/10. Game:4.1/10.


10:34 Jul 10th, 2020Offline

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never knew ecco was pregnant