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Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

Platforms: GBA
Year: 2002

Number of Files: 31
Total Filesize: 92 MB (MP3), 287 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Dec 29th, 2020

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Prologue (Maxim Kischine's Theme) 1:36 2.50 MB 7.57 MB get_app
2. a Title Back (part 1) 0:12 0.32 MB 1.05 MB get_app
2. b Title Back (part 2) 0:09 0.23 MB 0.77 MB get_app
3. Name Entry 2K2 2:05 3.48 MB 10.91 MB get_app
5. Successor of Fate (Juste Belmont's ​Theme) 2:21 3.75 MB 12.32 MB get_app
6. Offense and Defense 3:01 4.98 MB 15.65 MB get_app
7. Approach of Deplore 1:59 3.41 MB 9.97 MB get_app
8. Luminous Moss Cave 2:41 4.46 MB 13.16 MB get_app
9. Aqueduct of Dragons 2:09 3.75 MB 11.32 MB get_app
10. Chapel Sky 1:58 3.17 MB 9.92 MB get_app
11. Clockwork Tower of Causality 1:56 3.17 MB 9.96 MB get_app
12. Demon Cave of Skeletons 2:10 3.53 MB 11.29 MB get_app
13. To the Heart of the Devil's Castle 2:00 3.21 MB 10.21 MB get_app
14. Beloved One (Lydie Erlanger's Theme) 3:18 5.17 MB 16.36 MB get_app
15. Sworn Follower of Darkness (Death's ​Theme) 1:03 1.94 MB 4.81 MB get_app
16. Decisive Battle 2:16 3.64 MB 11.82 MB get_app
17. Epilogue 1 2:22 3.67 MB 11.96 MB get_app
18. Game Over 0:04 0.11 MB 0.37 MB get_app
19. Incarnation of Darkness (Dracula's ​Theme) 1:04 1.78 MB 4.97 MB get_app
20. a Old Enemy (Loop Pattern A) 2:09 3.47 MB 11.22 MB get_app
20. b Old Enemy (Loop Pattern B) 2:09 3.46 MB 11.22 MB get_app
20. c Old Enemy (Loop Pattern C) 2:09 3.45 MB 11.22 MB get_app
21. Epilogue 2 (Lydie Erlanger's Theme, ​Variation) 3:22 5.30 MB 17.30 MB get_app
22. Successor of Fate (Juste Belmont's ​Theme, Variation) 1:01 1.58 MB 5.26 MB get_app
23. My-Pace Peddler (Merchant's Theme) 0:20 0.70 MB 1.35 MB get_app
24. Pitch-Black Door 1:25 2.23 MB 7.33 MB get_app
25. Night Head 1:52 2.96 MB 10.02 MB get_app
26. VK2K2 (Vampire Killer 2002) 3:43 6.48 MB 19.19 MB get_app
97. Game Over (Nes Version) 0:02 0.05 MB 0.14 MB get_app
98. Maxim Kischine's Theme 1:36 2.49 MB 7.64 MB get_app
99. The Item Collection Room 2:19 3.60 MB 11.05 MB get_app

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05:42 Feb 6th, 2022Offline

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Castlevania harmony of dissonances soundtrack sounds very 8 bit and in my opinion, it works. Most of them sound checky and great. The game itself goes back to the style of symphony of the night and the challenge of the game is reduced by a large amount. It's not easy or extremely unfair *cough* *cough* Circle of the moon *cough* *cough* The game is in the middle, but it's challenging in a few areas. Although, the bosses are extremely boring and easy. Most of them are either easy, boring, or uncreative. This time you can collect other items instead of just magic and health like the last one. Such as the double jump, one use items, stone/whip upgrades, etc. The areas are fun to explore and the enemies are mostly fair and Don't kill your ass in just 10 or so seconds. Like symphony of the night, You have to collect Dracula's parts in order to beat the game. Also like symphony of the night, you have to beat another castle, but the color and the structure are different... kinda. By the way, this game also has a boss rush mode which is fun to play. Overall, Castlevania harmony of dissonance is one of the best castlevania games I've ever played and the soundtrack is great. Although, It isn't as good as castlevania I, super castlevania IV, castlevania aria of sorrow, and castlevania symphony of the night. Oh by the way, Juste can use relics to make the sub weapons more powerful. He also makes after images, when you're moving. Like mega man zero 1-4. I haven't played the game since November, but I'll play it again after I beat kid dracula, symphony of the night, and circle of the moon.
Soundtrack: 7.7/10.
Game: 7.8/10.
Note: At the moment, I only played 14 castlevania games.


09:29 Apr 12th, 2021Offline

comment graphic

One of my favorite Castlevania soundtracks. The choice to have an 8-bit styled soundtrack worked extremely well. GBA games have the tendency to have scratchy and sometimes unpleasant soundtracks which makes them age a ton in the modern day. With this soundtrack being of the 8-bit style, it has aged like a fine wine.