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Castlevania Circle of the Moon

Platforms: GBA
Year: 2001

Number of Files: 20
Total Filesize: 57 MB (MP3), 239 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Dec 29th, 2020

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Requiem 1:14 2.00 MB 5.90 MB get_app
2. Sign of Blood Relations 0:35 0.80 MB 3.77 MB get_app
3. A Vision of Dark Secrets 1:02 1.68 MB 7.12 MB get_app
4. Inversion 0:34 0.85 MB 3.62 MB get_app
5. Awake 2:30 4.21 MB 17.49 MB get_app
6. The Sinking Old Sanctuary 2:53 4.52 MB 20.02 MB get_app
7. Clockwork 2:09 3.56 MB 14.30 MB get_app
8. Shudder 1:05 1.61 MB 7.18 MB get_app
9. Game Over 0:07 0.20 MB 0.86 MB get_app
10. Fate to Despair 2:47 4.36 MB 19.03 MB get_app
11. Aquarius 2:22 3.97 MB 16.55 MB get_app
12. The Trick Manor 4:12 6.70 MB 28.67 MB get_app
13. Big Battle 1:29 2.45 MB 10.39 MB get_app
14. Nightmare 2:31 4.42 MB 17.45 MB get_app
15. Vampire Killer 1:14 2.04 MB 8.52 MB get_app
16. Illusionary Dance 1:47 2.65 MB 11.79 MB get_app
17. Proof of Blood 2:10 3.76 MB 15.70 MB get_app
18. Inclined Repose of Souls 3:20 5.50 MB 23.83 MB get_app
19. Circle of the Moon 0:53 1.59 MB 6.51 MB get_app
99. Unknown Jingle 0:04 0.11 MB 0.48 MB get_app

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11:27 Dec 5th, 2021Offline

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Castlevania circle of the moons soundtrack is good. I honestly forgot most of it, but from what I remember, it's pretty good. The story is your basic Castlevania affair with someone who resurrected dracula and you have to stop them. The gameplay itself is great, but the difficulty is as Castlevania as ever. What I mean by that is that the enemies and bosses do so much damage that it's ridiculous. Another thing I dislike about the game is that the only collectibles are Health and magic. (There is a third one, but I forgot the name of it):/ You get upgrades after you defeat a boss... besides the dash boots because you find that in the beginning of the game. You can also get cards from enemies to use as attacks or as an shield. That or you can do that famous glitch to get all the cards at the beginning of the game. Overall, Castlevania circle of the moon is a good game with a good soundtrack.
Soundtrack: 6.5/10.
Game: 6.8/10.