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Amazing Island

Platforms: GC
Year: 2004

Number of Files: 33
Total Filesize: 121 MB
Date Added: Nov 7th, 2014

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  Song Name MP3  
A Monster is Born 0:41 0.63 MB get_app
Battle Royale 4:38 4.24 MB get_app
Beat'n Art 5:33 5.08 MB get_app
Black Evil 4:37 4.22 MB get_app
Block Stack Attack 1:55 1.76 MB get_app
Bomber Bowl 3:49 3.50 MB get_app
Editor Upgrade 0:06 0.10 MB get_app
Elder's Hut 4:33 4.17 MB get_app
Ending Theme 3:29 3.19 MB get_app
Event Title 0:08 0.13 MB get_app
Eviling 4:46 4.36 MB get_app
Explanation 2:08 1.96 MB get_app
Festival 4:39 4.26 MB get_app
Fun for Everyone! 4:15 3.90 MB get_app
Hall of Life 5:11 4.75 MB get_app
In the Quiet Village 5:20 4.89 MB get_app
Jungle Dash 4:56 4.52 MB get_app
Kantan 5:53 5.39 MB get_app
Maboo Village 5:46 5.28 MB get_app
Mach Rider 3:10 2.90 MB get_app
Main Title 2:19 2.12 MB get_app
Monster Editor 5:53 5.39 MB get_app
Next Event 5:11 4.75 MB get_app
Opening 4:33 4.17 MB get_app
Results 5:54 5.41 MB get_app
Shop 5:10 4.74 MB get_app
Sky Circus 4:52 4.46 MB get_app
Spin Attack 5:00 4.58 MB get_app
Stone Spire Smash 4:13 3.86 MB get_app
Stonehead Smash 4:38 4.24 MB get_app
Stonehead Swap 3:01 2.77 MB get_app
Vision Orb! 0:13 0.20 MB get_app
Waterskip Slider 5:06 4.67 MB get_app

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01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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I got to say when I first saw this game at a Blockbuster many many years ago I didn't know what to think of it. After playing the game, I simply fell in love with it. The cartoon-style look, the monster creation was something I never see in any game actually. I probably spent more time creating new monsters than I did playing the game. The background music is what made this game very special to me! Its nice and happy flow always matched the game that you were playing. Thanks for the upload!