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Top 12 Albums Published by Atari

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Re-Engineered Soundtrack)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Re-Engineered Soundtrack)

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai 2

Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

The Matrix: Path of Neo (Re-Engineered Soundtrack)

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Dragon Ball Final Bout OSV


Super Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

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Albums Published by Atari

Found 229 albums!

Album Platform Type Year
720 Degrees (Atari System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1986
7th Legion Windows Gamerip 1997
Action Man: Robot Atak GBA Gamerip 2004
Airball (Prototype) NES Gamerip 1990
Alien vs. Predator Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1994
Alien vs. Predator (Lynx) Gamerip 1994
Arabian Arcade Gamerip 1983
Area 51 Arcade Gamerip 1995
Asterix and Obelix XXL GBA Gamerip 2004
Atari's Greatest Hits Android, iOS, Mobile Gamerip 2013
Augustus: Im Auftrag des Kaisers Windows Gamerip 2004
Aurora Watching: Gorky Zero Windows Gamerip 2005
Awesome Golf (Atari Lynx) Gamerip 1991
Backyard Baseball 2006 GBA Gamerip 2005
Backyard Baseball 2007 GBA Gamerip 2006
Badlands Arcade Gamerip 1989
Baldies (Atari Jaguar CD) Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Ballblazer Atari 8-Bit Gamerip 1984
Battle Engine Aquilla PS2, Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2003
BattleWheels Gamerip 1993
BattleZone PSP Gamerip 2006
Battlezone (XBLA) Xbox 360 Gamerip 2008
Besieger Windows Gamerip 2004
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Gamerip 1991
Blade Kitten Original Game Soundtrack PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Soundtrack 2011
Blood MacOS, MS-DOS, Windows Gamerip 1997
Blood - Fresh Supply Windows Gamerip 2019
Blue Lightning Gamerip 1989
Boiling Point: Road to Hell Windows Soundtrack 2005
California Games Gamerip 1989
California Speed Arcade Gamerip 1998
Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet Linux, MS-DOS, PC-98 Gamerip 1993
Centipede Dreamcast Gamerip 1999
Centipede: Infestation 3DS Gamerip 2011
Centipede: Recharged Linux, MacOS, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Gamerip 2021
Checkered Flag Gamerip 1991
Chip's Challenge Gamerip 1989
Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Windows Gamerip 2004
Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion (Stereo Mixes) Windows Arrangement 2024
Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion Windows Gamerip 1999
Commando (Atari 7800) Gamerip 1990
Cosmopolitan - Total Relooking DS Gamerip 2009
Courier Crisis PS1, Saturn Gamerip 1997
Crayon Shin-chan - Densetsu wo Yobu Omake no Miyako Shockgaan! GBA Gamerip 2006
Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Cinema-Land no Daibouken! GBA Gamerip 2004
Crystal Castles Arcade Gamerip 1983
Crystal Mines II Gamerip 1992
Cybermorph Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1993
D&CO - Ta Maison de Reve en 7 Jours DS Gamerip 2009
Dead Man's Hand Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2004
Death to Spies Windows Gamerip 2007
Desperados 2 - Cooper's Revenge Windows Gamerip 2006
Dig Dug Arcade Gamerip 1982
Dogyuun (Toaplan 2) Arcade Gamerip 1992
Doom Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1994
Downstream Panic! PSP Gamerip 2008
Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure GBA Gamerip 2004
Dragon Ball Final Bout OSV PS1 Gamerip 1997
Dragon Ball GT:Transformation GBA Gamerip 2005
Dragon Ball Z - Budokai GC, PS2 2002
Dragon Ball Z - Budokai 2 GC, PS2 Gamerip 2003
Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi Japan PS2 Gamerip 2005
Dragon Ball Z - Burst Limit PS3 Gamerip 2008
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 PS2 Gamerip 2004
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Re-Engineered Soundtrack) PS2, PS3, Wii Arrangement 2006
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Re-Engineered Soundtrack) PS2, PS3, Wii Arrangement 2007
Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury GBA Gamerip 2004
Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu DS Gamerip 2007
Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World PS2 Gamerip 2008
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas GC Gamerip 2005
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas PS2 Gamerip 2005
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors GBA Gamerip 2004
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 DS Gamerip 2005
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II GBA Gamerip 2002
DragonSphere Windows Soundtrack 1994
Driv3r PS2, Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2004
Driver - Parallel Lines PS2, Wii, Windows Gamerip 2006
Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard Windows Gamerip 2005
Dungeons and Dragons Tactics PSP Gamerip 2006
Electrocop Gamerip 1989
Emily: My Personal Diary DS Gamerip 2009
Emma: Student Nurse DS Gamerip 2008
Enter the Matrix Deluxe Video Game Score PS2, Windows 2003
Escape from Paradise City Windows Gamerip 2007
Evolution: Dino Dudes Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1994
Fahrenheit MacOS, PS2, Windows, Xbox Gamerip
Fever Pitch Soccer Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Fight For Life Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1996
Final Lap (Namco System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1987
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone PS2 Gamerip 2004
Gates of Zendocon Gamerip 1989
Gauntlet Arcade Gamerip 1985
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Gamerip 1990
Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash DS Gamerip 2007
Godzilla: Unleashed PS2, Wii Gamerip 2007
Hockey Gamerip 1992
Hover Strike Unconquered Lands (Atari Jaguar CD) Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
I-War Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Arcade Gamerip 1985
Jimmy Connors' Tennis (Atari Lynx) Gamerip 1993
Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 GC, PS2, Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2003
Klax Gamerip 1990
Knights of Honor Windows Gamerip 2004
Knuckle Bash (Toaplan 2) Arcade Gamerip 1993
Kung Food Gamerip 1992
Kya: Dark Lineage PS2 Gamerip 2003
L'Histoire de France Pour les Nuls DS Gamerip 2008
Lanfeust of Troy DS Gamerip 2007
Lanfeust of Troy PSP Gamerip 2008
Le Bescherelle Pratique DS Gamerip 2009
Learn Math DS Gamerip 2008
Legendary PS2, Windows, Xbox 360 Soundtrack 2008
Lemmings Gamerip 1993
London Racer PS1 Gamerip 1999
Lucky Luke - The Daltons DS Gamerip 2008
Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2003
Marble Madness (Atari System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1984
Marble Madness II (Unreleased) Arcade Gamerip 1991
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Soundtrack PS2, Xbox Soundtrack 2006
Mario Bros (Atari 5200) Gamerip 1983
Methode Boscher - La Journee des Tout Petits DS Gamerip 2009
Missile Command 3D Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Mission Impossible - Operation Surma PS2 Gamerip 2003
Mon Premier Bescherelle DS Gamerip 2009
Monopoly & Boggle & Yahtzee & Battleship DS Gamerip 2005
Monopoly Windows Gamerip 2001
Mortal Kombat 4 NES Gamerip 1997
My horse and me Wii, Windows Gamerip 2007
NBA Fastbreak '98 PS1 Gamerip 1997
Ninja Gaiden Gamerip 1991
Pac-Land Arcade Gamerip 1984
Pac-Man (Atari 2600) Gamerip 1982
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Switch, Windows Gamerip 1998
Paperboy (Atari System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1985
Pet Adoption Center DS Gamerip 2008
Peter Pack Rat (Atari System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1985
Peter Pan: The Motion Picture Event GBA Gamerip 2003
Pinball Deluxe DS Gamerip 2009
Pit-Fighter Arcade Gamerip 1990
Point Blank DS DS Gamerip 2006
Pole Position Arcade Gamerip 1982
Pole Position II Arcade Gamerip 1983
Popeye Arcade Gamerip 1982
Power Factor Gamerip 1992
Primal Rage Arcade Gamerip 1994
Primal Rage 2 (Prototype) Arcade Gamerip 1996
Putt-Putt - Pep's Birthday Surprise Windows Gamerip 2003
Q*bert Dreamcast, MacOS, PS1, Windows Gamerip 1999
R.B.I. Baseball Family Computer, NES Gamerip 1988
Race Drivin' Arcade Gamerip 1990
Raiden Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1993
Raiden MIDI Collections Arcade, Atari Jaguar, FM Towns, Genesis / Mega Drive, MS-DOS, PS1, SNES, TurboGrafx-16, Windows, Xbox 360 Remix 2001
Rampage Gamerip 1990
Rampart Arcade Gamerip 1990
Rebelstar - Tactical Command GBA Gamerip 2005
Rig'n'Roll Windows Gamerip 2009
Road Runner (Atari System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1985
RoadBlasters (Atari System 1) Arcade Gamerip 1987
RoadBlasters Gamerip 1991
Robo-Squash Gamerip 1990
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 + 2 Windows, Xbox Gamerip 1999
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D 3DS Gamerip 2012
Ruiner Pinball Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
S.T.U.N. Runner Gamerip 1991
S.T.U.N. Runner (Hard Drivin') Arcade Gamerip 1989
Scrapyard Dog Gamerip 1991
Section 8: Prejudice PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2011
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Windows, Xbox Soundtrack 2004
Shanghai Gamerip 1990
Sigma Star Saga GBA Gamerip 2005
Silverfall PSP, Windows Gamerip 2006
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Windows Gamerip 2003
Space Invaders Evolution PSP Gamerip 2005
Super Asteroids Mission Command Gamerip 1993
Super Dragon Ball Z PS2 Gamerip 2006
Super Sprint (Atari System 2) Arcade Gamerip 1986
Supercross 3D Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Superman: Countdown to Apokolips GBA Gamerip 2003
Swashbucklers: Blue vs Grey PS2, Windows Gamerip 2007
Switchblade II Gamerip 1992
Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 Gamerip 2008
Tempest 2000 Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1994
Tempest 2000 IBM PC/AT, MS-DOS, Windows Gamerip 1996
Tempest 2000: The Soundtrack Atari Jaguar, PS1, Saturn, Windows Soundtrack 1995
Tempest 4000 PS4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One Gamerip 2018
Terminator 3: The Redemption GC, PS2, Xbox Gamerip 2004
Terminator 3: War of the Machines Windows Gamerip 2003
Test Drive Unlimited PS2 Gamerip 2006
Test Drive Unlimited PS2, PSP, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2006
Test Drive Unlimited 2 PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2011
Tetris (Atari) Arcade Gamerip 1988
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena MacOS, PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Gamerip 2009
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2004
The Kore Gang Wii Gamerip 2011
The Matrix: Path of Neo (Re-Engineered Soundtrack) PS2 Arrangement 2005
The Music of Demigod Windows Soundtrack 2009
The Temple of Elemental Evil Windows Gamerip 2003
The Terminator: Dawn of Fate PS2 Gamerip 2003
The Tomorrow War Windows Gamerip 2006
The Void Original Soundtrack + Bonus Disc (Tension, Тургор) Windows Soundtrack 2008
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Official Game Soundtrack Windows Soundtrack 2011
Thea Realm Fighters (Unreleased) Atari Jaguar Gamerip 2018
Time Pilot Arcade Gamerip 1982
Todd's Adventures in Slime World Gamerip 1990
Toki Gamerip 1992
Traitors Gate 2: Cypher Windows Gamerip 2003
Transformers Armada (Lossless, Untagged) PS2 Gamerip 2004
Transformers Armada (Lossy, Tagged) PS2 Gamerip 2004
Trevor McFur In the Crescent Galaxy Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1993
Turbo Sub Gamerip 1991
Ultra Vortek Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1995
Unlimited Saga PS2 Gamerip 2003
Unreal Tournament Linux, MacOS, Windows Gamerip 2004
Unreal Tournament - Game of the Year Edition (Original Soundtrack) Remix 2012
Unreal Tournament 2004 (Original Video Game Soundtrack) Remix 2006
V-Rally 3 GC, PS2, Windows, Xbox Gamerip 2003
Vicious Circle (Arcade Prototype) Arcade Gamerip 1996
Vindicators (Atari JSA-1) Arcade Gamerip 1988
Warbirds Gamerip 1990
Xevious Arcade Gamerip 1982
Xevious (Atari 5200) (Prototype) Gamerip
Xybots Arcade Gamerip 1987
Xybots (Atari Lynx) Gamerip 1991
Yu Yu Hakusho - Spirit Detective GBA Gamerip 2003
Yu Yu Hakusho - Tournament Tactics GBA Gamerip 2004
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 DS Gamerip 2007
Zoids: Battle Legends GC Gamerip 2003
Zoids: Legacy GBA Gamerip 2003
Zool 2 Atari Jaguar Gamerip 1994