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Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Drama CD

Year: 2002

Number of Files: 17
Total Filesize: 172 MB
Date Added: May 30th, 2015

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Marivel's Memories 5:15 12.96 MB get_app
2. Longing for a Hero 1:20 4.00 MB get_app
3. Boy ARMS Are Visiting! 6:26 15.65 MB get_app
4. A Hero to Sacrifice Himself 7:59 19.21 MB get_app
5. Limitations of the One Who Believ 2:07 5.78 MB get_app
6. Tiny Heroes 3:06 8.01 MB get_app
7. Cocytus Fourth Circle, Snare of M 0:37 2.35 MB get_app
8. Announcement from the ARMS Comman 2:16 6.11 MB get_app
9. The One Who Draws the Blood of He 2:45 7.22 MB get_app
10. The Demon Inside of Me 6:28 15.74 MB get_app
11. Hoping to Meet Again 3:21 8.62 MB get_app
12. Each Weakness 4:16 10.71 MB get_app
13. Filgaia's Greatest Crisis 2:46 7.27 MB get_app
14. Between a Hero and the Devil 6:48 16.48 MB get_app
15. The Awakening of the Flames of Di 2:45 7.24 MB get_app
16. I'm Not Even Lost 4:01 10.15 MB get_app
17. You'll Never Be Alone 5:48 14.21 MB get_app

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