Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack

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Album name: Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack
Number of Files: 36
Total Filesize: 76.18 MB
Date added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Anime

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Song Name Download Size
01 into the wilderness.mp3 Download 2.53 MB
02 demon's castle.mp3 Download 1.09 MB
03 brining it back to soil.mp3 Download 1.49 MB
04 castle of flames.mp3 Download 3.63 MB
05 clash and a promise.mp3 Download 2.94 MB
06 funeral march.mp3 Download 2.62 MB
07 morning journey.mp3 Download 2.96 MB
08 a sister's thought.mp3 Download 2.56 MB
09 ending theme - swearing to the sky.mp3 Download 5.90 MB
10 hope.mp3 Download 2.37 MB
11 lone bird in the shire (rudy's theme).mp3 Download 1.88 MB
12 cold darkness (dungeon 1).mp3 Download 1.49 MB
13 critical hit! (fight theme).mp3 Download 2.03 MB
14 town.mp3 Download 2.03 MB
15 over the rough waters.mp3 Download 1.86 MB
16 bird in the sky (emma's theme).mp3 Download 1.26 MB
17 courage (dungeon 2).mp3 Download 1.67 MB
18 small thoughts are worth a lot.mp3 Download 1.03 MB
19 battle against mid boss.mp3 Download 1.76 MB
20 alone in the world.mp3 Download 2.62 MB
21 lonely world.mp3 Download 2.37 MB
22 village of the eru.mp3 Download 1.62 MB
23 adlehyde castle.mp3 Download 1.88 MB
24 a monastery.mp3 Download 1.61 MB
25 opps... (zet's theme).mp3 Download 1.14 MB
26 false marriage on the ocean.mp3 Download 2.33 MB
27 not a plain child, but a young lady! (jane's theme).mp3 Download 928.80 KB
28 whistle of the warrior (boomerang's theme).mp3 Download 2.42 MB
29 moments of tension.mp3 Download 1.50 MB
30 uncertain feelings rushed.mp3 Download 2.18 MB
31 rudy's companions.mp3 Download 1.47 MB
32 into the star ocean.mp3 Download 2.29 MB
33 battle - mother.mp3 Download 1.70 MB
34 battle - zeik.mp3 Download 1.41 MB
35 knights' quarters.mp3 Download 2.50 MB
36 into the wilderness ~ into new voyages.mp3 Download 2.96 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

It's incomplete. There are more songs in the game than these ones, such as the battle music when you fight Belselk and Zeikfried (first fight) and the music when the sky above Adlehyde cracks up (during the festival) so I give it a 3.

Submitted by Cityhunter123
Rating: 5/10

I have to agree with the last reveiw. Not all of the music is here. The ones that are here are good ones though so I instead give a 5. This is a great game with great Music and if you haven't played it yet, I reccomend it.

Submitted by acer2010
Rating: 7/10

Well, comparing the game music with these tracks, these don't appear to be exact duplicates of the music in the game. In fact, they sound a little more enhanced and cleaned up.
Unfortunately though, this one has not got all the tracks listed. 7/10 for the different tracks, but 3 points off for the missing tracks.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

Where are some of the themes? Boomerang Flash, anyone?

Not all the tracks are there, I can't give this a great score because of that. If they were all there, then it would be a 9/10

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

It's missing tracks like Port Town and others mentioned. Put some more effort in, the OST deserves it.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 6/10

I'm sorry, but it's missing a lot, especially my fav (adlehyde after the attack) I am glad to see "into the star ocean" on here tho, so it's a 6 from me.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 3/10

i give it a 3 cuz it gots the song for boomerang flash's song XD but ya still missing some songs lol

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