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Voodoo Vince

Platforms: Xbox
Year: 2003
Developed by: Beep Industries
Published by: Microsoft

Number of Files: 26
Total Filesize: 106 MB
Date Added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Gamerip

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  Song Name MP3  
00-now loading.mp3 0:25 0.38 MB get_app
00-rat race rodeo.mp3 4:00 5.33 MB get_app
01-voodoo shop.mp3 2:06 2.71 MB get_app
02-back stoop.mp3 3:54 5.22 MB get_app
03-zombie guidance counselor.mp3 3:56 5.13 MB get_app
04-bones theme.mp3 1:01 1.25 MB get_app
05-trumpets jammin'.mp3 0:17 0.39 MB get_app
06-jean lafitte's ship.mp3 4:05 5.35 MB get_app
07-fighting ace vince.mp3 4:04 5.78 MB get_app
08-the square.mp3 4:39 6.82 MB get_app
09-sarcophogus hustle.mp3 4:14 5.57 MB get_app
10-clock tower.mp3 0:47 1.08 MB get_app
11-bumper cars.mp3 3:59 5.36 MB get_app
12-crawdad jimmy's place.mp3 4:02 5.73 MB get_app
13-trumpets jammin' 2.mp3 0:08 0.18 MB get_app
14-son of trophy room.mp3 4:11 5.84 MB get_app
15-fanboat race.mp3 3:06 4.24 MB get_app
16-crypt city.mp3 4:18 5.65 MB get_app
17-glowberry tangle.mp3 4:08 5.94 MB get_app
18-house of scary stuff.mp3 4:09 5.82 MB get_app
19-bones two.mp3 0:30 0.68 MB get_app
20-inside the kosmobot.mp3 4:11 6.12 MB get_app
21-main street.mp3 3:59 5.41 MB get_app
22-on fire.mp3 0:30 0.69 MB get_app
23-sausage factory.mp3 4:28 6.67 MB get_app
24-vince theme.mp3 1:49 2.67 MB get_app

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01:17 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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The only site I could find it, thanks to the incredible staff in this site.
The game might not be the best there is, but damn, the soundtrack is superb, ever track is awesome, recommended, the game and the soundtrack

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01:15 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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i cannot even at this soundtrack!!!
its so jazzy, smooth, relaxing and its just so damn GOOD!
this website is so amazing it has nearly all the albums i want on it and im losing my s**t over it omfg

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Guest Reviewer

01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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this music brings back so many memorys...i played it back in 2003 or 2004 when i was 3 or 4 years old...thanks:D

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01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Best soundtrack I have heard,ever.
Next best is Jet Set Future Radio.
It's even better than that overview of the raving japenese electronica/ambienr music of modern age for gods sakes!