Ultima III - Exodus

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Album name: Ultima III - Exodus
Number of Files: 11
Total Filesize: 32.86 MB
Date added: Jan 23rd, 2017

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Song Name Size
01_Title Screen & Labyrinth.mp3 2.30 MB
02_Menu & King.mp3 8.80 MB
03_The Eternal Castle Britannia.mp3 2.94 MB
04_Overworld.mp3 2.46 MB
05_A Peaceful Town.mp3 2.55 MB
06_Battle.mp3 1.80 MB
07_Voyage to the Unknown.mp3 2.37 MB
08_The Enigma of Ambrosia.mp3 3.27 MB
09_Exodus Castle.mp3 2.03 MB
10_Ending.mp3 2.84 MB
11_Unused Theme.mp3 1.44 MB


Submitted by whypee
Rating: 1/10

Don't download, they are not Ultima III soundtracks at all.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 4/10

Sill hum the battle theme sometimes. But it is not in this colllection. I think a couple of other songs are missing as well, it has been a long time.

Submitted by FaintingInCoils
Rating: 5/10

If even just the battle theme were here, I'd rate this way higher. (My family and I loved that battle music so much, we made up awful lyrics to it. Gotta love being from a geeky family!)

Submitted by h4ldol
Rating: 5/10

Technically, this is the soundtrack for the NES version of Exodus (Ultima III), and it's awesome! Some of the best NES music ever, but it's missing the Ambrosia and some other main themes. Shame, since the Ambrosia theme is my favorite.

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