Super Mario RPG Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Super Mario RPG Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 61
Total Filesize: 102.65 MB
Date added: Nov 25th, 2006
Album type: Game

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Song Name Download Size
1-01 - happy adventure, delightful adventure.mp3 Download 3.28 MB
1-02 - let's try.mp3 Download 1.05 MB
1-03 - in the flower garden.mp3 Download 472.12 KB
1-04 - koopa castle first time.mp3 Download 627.75 KB
1-05 - fight against koopa.mp3 Download 1000.12 KB
1-06 - the sword descends and the stars scatter.mp3 Download 609.38 KB
1-07 - super pipe house.mp3 Download 1.44 MB
1-08 - where am i going.mp3 Download 578.47 KB
1-09 - the road is full of dangers.mp3 Download 1.50 MB
1-10 - fight against monsters.mp3 Download 1.14 MB
1-11 - victory.mp3 Download 443.67 KB
1-12 - hello happy kingdom.mp3 Download 2.33 MB
1-13 - explanation.mp3 Download 232.12 KB
1-14 - a new partner.mp3 Download 80.81 KB
1-15 - still the road is full of dangers.mp3 Download 1.64 MB
1-16 - invincible star.mp3 Download 370.02 KB
1-17 - fight against a somewhat stronger monster.mp3 Download 1.23 MB
1-18 - heres some weapons.mp3 Download 1.35 MB
1-19 - fight against an armed boss.mp3 Download 1.85 MB
1-20 - got a star piece.mp3 Download 528.12 KB
1-21 - the dungeon is full of monsters.mp3 Download 1.44 MB
1-22 - let 's go down the wine river.mp3 Download 1.19 MB
1-23 - grandpa and the delightful tadpoles.mp3 Download 728.12 KB
1-24 - shock.mp3 Download 100.40 KB
1-25 - sad song.mp3 Download 954.62 KB
1-26 - let 's play geno.mp3 Download 1.26 MB
1-27 - geno awakens.mp3 Download 1.69 MB
1-28 - beware the forest mushrooms.mp3 Download 2.51 MB
1-29 - rose town.mp3 Download 1.05 MB
1-30 - from inside the earthen pipe.mp3 Download 1.32 MB
1-31 - welcome yo'ster island.mp3 Download 2.00 MB
1-32 - let 's race.mp3 Download 937.11 KB
1-33 - hard working moles are good moles.mp3 Download 1.91 MB
1-34 - docaty mountain railroad.mp3 Download 2.90 MB
1-35 - welcome to bukki tower.mp3 Download 1.95 MB
1-36 - and my name's bukki.mp3 Download 2.50 MB
1-37 - long long ago.mp3 Download 1.50 MB
1-38 - heart beating a little faster.mp3 Download 896.04 KB
1-39 - slope.mp3 Download 2.33 MB
2-01 - the merry mary bell rings.mp3 Download 2.30 MB
2-02 - celebrational.mp3 Download 167.04 KB
2-03 - the starlight's flower.mp3 Download 1.23 MB
2-04 - sunken ship.mp3 Download 2.78 MB
2-05 - going shopping in ripple town.mp3 Download 1.40 MB
2-06 - my paradise monstro town.mp3 Download 3.31 MB
2-07 - fight against culex.mp3 Download 2.24 MB
2-08 - victory over culex.mp3 Download 779.11 KB
2-09 - conversation with culex.mp3 Download 1.26 MB
2-10 - you and toadofski create exquisite music.mp3 Download 450.46 KB
2-11 - let's do the fooka fooka.mp3 Download 3.54 MB
2-12 - margarie margarita.mp3 Download 2.02 MB
2-13 - dodo's coming.mp3 Download 1.08 MB
2-14 - barrel volcano.mp3 Download 2.23 MB
2-15 - the axem rangers drop in.mp3 Download 1.53 MB
2-16 - koopa castle (second time ).mp3 Download 3.46 MB
2-17 - weapons factory.mp3 Download 3.41 MB
2-18 - fight against kajidoh.mp3 Download 2.48 MB
2-19 - fight against kajidoh, who likes transforming.mp3 Download 3.06 MB
2-20 - goodbye geno, dreams through the window stars.mp3 Download 3.99 MB
2-21 - happy parade, delightful parade, & the parade draws .....mp3 Download 5.60 MB
2-22 - the end.mp3 Download 3.42 MB


Submitted by emilypotter777
Rating: 10/10

well, i grew up playing this game on the snes

* great for people who beat the final fantasy crystal guy *

this has all of the music you remember:

battles, town, and mini-game songs are all hear!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

i have this game

i beat the game without dying

i beat all bosse

got my full level on all 5 mario mallow geno bower peach

Submitted by darren lax
Rating: 9/10

The game itself is a masterpiece, as well as the music. This was when "Square Enix" was simply known as "Square Development" or "Square".

And yes, I have also beaten the secret boss. Cripes, I think all can agree that he's actually harder than the last boss of the game.

Submitted by cahaya
Rating: 10/10

This game is considered one among the best games from Snes and its music is a complete masterpiece that can be heard over and over again and doesn't get boring.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I agree with everyone else who has said great things about this game. This game truly is a classic on the SNES, and the music is top notch. Hopefully we will see a Nintendo DS remake.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

This game had everything:
-Good story line

I hope this is on the Wii VC soon!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Some of the best music on the SNES alongside Final Fantasy III/VI and Chrono Trigger, two other Square classics.

Submitted by Karasu Sora Yoh
Rating: 10/10

This is lovely. This was a terrific game, with terrific mechanics, characters, story, and humor.
"Who do you think you are, BRUCE LEE??" XD
I grew up with this game. And when I got the Forest Maze theme from here, I nearly got emotional at how familiar yet crisp it sounded.
This is a complete collection of ALL the wonderful music, well put together and recorded just for us ol-timey fans. I sincerly hope this game gets a remake. Immensely.

Submitted by ryusaint
Rating: 10/10

Very very great game. Many secrets to reveal and loveable characters ^^ Only sad that some of the files here are broken.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I agree, this is a great game. The only negative comment I have is that it is so short (especially after beating it several times). Can't wait to see its remake on the DS.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I got this game from blockbuster when I was younger, but in about 1998 I bought the game off ebay. WONDERFUL game. If there is a remake...idk what i'll do but i'll be freaking happy!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

One of the best games ever. I hope if there is a sequel, that it doesn't turn out to be half assed and disappointing, like so many games have turned out to be. I hope the sequel is even better, longer, funnier, and more epic and mysterious. The only game I've played that comes even close to this is Donkey Kong Country 2. Oh I almost forgot: BEST GAME SOUNDTRACK EVER HANDS DOWN!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

For those who still have this came try beating Smithy and Culex with No Armor No Weapon and No Accessory!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Here goes the scene at Norfair. after Kirby defeats Meta Knight, Princess Peach suited in blue stamps her feet at the same time. suddenly, Kirby and Meta Knight tries to push her into the Lava Shelter. as Peach stamps her feet, King Dedede stamps his hammer at her, then he closes the door with the wiimote and continues to fight.

Submitted by Pippo99
Rating: 10/10

Love this game so much!
Music, Story, Characters, just like everyone says, such a great game.
All the character cameos were a nice touch too^^

Submitted by dannts
Rating: 10/10

I absolutly love this game. It is among my top 3 fav SNES games of all time! (The other two being The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and Illusion of Gaia)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Whenever I play this game, I lose it, I go bonkers, I make sure everyone is maxed up to the highest level.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I've only had this game for a while, but I instantly fell in love with it's wonderful array of music. I'm a total game-music fan, and this one was one of the best. The Forest Maze music is my favorite. ^_^

Submitted by santanaboii
Rating: 10/10

Love this game ^^ the music is awesome, great characters and best history ever XD this is what happens when Nintendo and Squaresoft get together
i just beated the game again tonight

Submitted by Absommone
Rating: 5/10

Is no tag... but the game is amazing!! is one the best OST in Super Nintendo, the other maybe is... The Legend of Zelda

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

It's only my favorite game of all time. ^-^

SE needs to pull its head out of its ass and start cooperating better with Nintendo... just sell the rights to Geno already! Its not like you're using him... -.-

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This game was AWESOME.

Beat it, fully leveled, grinded, powerleveled, beat it in 3 days including Culex, was still bored and wanted more XD.
Call me insane or what not, but I think you kinda got emotionally attached to the characters. ;3

And the soundtrack ROCKED.


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I completely love this game! My snes cartridge broke so I got it for an emulator and I play it all the time. The music is the best of any mario music. This is my favorite Mario game, I wish Nintendo still made games like this...My favorite music is the forest maze and the booster tower music. I thought Booster was histerical! Was he in a dress? What was up with the cake part? lol :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I love this game! I pay it so much. I wish Nintendo still made games this unique *sigh*. Love the music, favorites being And my name's Bukki and Beware the Forest Mushrooms. One of the best Mario games.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Have a download of a Beta Super Mario RPG rom! I got Lazy Shell editor on this site. I listened to the soundtrack while I am making some Beta maps. I'm still waiting for download of Super Mario RPG Overworld Demo rom. recently, I have the beta version of Illusion of Gaia. feel free to post a comment, if you please.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

A great Game and if you ask me one of the better rpg's ever known,so many memories... , and yeah, if you can beat Culex you can beat anyone else in the game including smithy(I love the music played when you fight and defeat Culex,it is from final fantasy III by the way),Square + Nintendo = legendary games like this
Un gran Juego y si me lo preguntan de los mejores rpg's que hayan existido,tantos recuerdos...,ahh y si , si podeís derrotar a Culex , podeís derrotar a cualquier otro en el juego incluido Smithy (adoro la musica de cuando peleas y derrotas a Culex , es de FFIII por cierto), Square + Nintendo = Juegos legendarios como este

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I love this game because of it's very addicting. I never gave up fighting even though I lost many many times. BTW, Super Mario RPG FTW! Yeah, it does. It rules, so much.. I LOVE IT! Must continue to collect music... :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Perfect 10/10!

Ha! I wound up here after watching the Super Mario RPG soundtrack videos posted by OMG11123

He put the link up to this site! Perfect quality soundtrack! Nice!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 8/10

I always loved this game when I was younger. The entire game was very well done, my favorite parts were always the fun minigames.

The soundtrack songs are really short for my liking, but it is an old game. I hope there's a remake or something!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Truly an awesome game. This is the reason why I think the 16-Bit era was the greatest in video game history. It was all about gameplay and not just about graphics. I'll keep my Super Nintendo forever because it has the best games of all time on it. This game plus Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past are among my favorite on the Super NES. Let's hope Nintendo and Square-Enix can team up again to bring us a true sequel to this game soon.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Depend on Square to give you good music

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I wish they could, but Paper Mario was a result of wanting a sequel to SMRPG.. Square-Enix would not allow them use of Mallow or Geno.. Why, I dont know. But yeah the best RPG game you will ever find if you have a sense of humor.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Awesome Quality! This game has Stunning Music. Thanks for Sharing this.

Submitted by cyborgns
Rating: 5/10

Exellen Quality but.... there is one track missing....

Big Guy's Casino...

Re gards

Submitted by ratchetandcrash666
Rating: 8/10

Great game and OST But.Also you post a complete OST, but you didn't put the tags:(

Submitted by FrMario
Rating: 10/10

Excellent tracks.
The greatest music is the Forest Maze theme.IT'S GREAT!

Submitted by wowie zowie
Rating: 10/10

my good god, you're amazing!
thank s to you, i have a convention panel!

Submitted by FrMario
Rating: 10/10

Thank you Square for making the hardest Mario boss ever (Culex) with the same music as in Final Fantasy IV ! -SOB-

Submitted by Memeater fedora
Rating: 5/10

Is good, but it's missing the defeat songs. Every battle theme has an alternate "defeat song", where the music plays differently

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