Rockman X Command Mission - Original Soundtrack

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Album name: Rockman X Command Mission - Original Soundtrack
Number of Files: 58
Total Filesize: 106.77 MB
Date added: Nov 24th, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01 Fight X.mp3 Download 2.26 MB
02 Standby Zero.mp3 Download 2.44 MB
03 Me Axel.mp3 Download 1.97 MB
04 Massimo Of Steel.mp3 Download 1.90 MB
05 Pleasant Thief Marino.mp3 Download 2.10 MB
06 Help Cinnamon .mp3 Download 2.03 MB
07 Spider Magic.mp3 Download 2.01 MB
08 Chapter Title.mp3 Download 210 KB
09 Resistance Line.mp3 Download 518 KB
10 Place Of Oblivion.mp3 Download 2.23 MB
11 Irregular Hunt I.mp3 Download 3.19 MB
12 Victory Jingle.mp3 Download 82 KB
13 Locus Of Battle I.mp3 Download 1.24 MB
14 Liberions Duty.mp3 Download 506 KB
15 Final Battle.mp3 Download 2.14 MB
16 Boss Victory Jingle.mp3 Download 86 KB
17 Locus Of Battle Ii.mp3 Download 650 KB
18 Recovery Of Hope.mp3 Download 3.22 MB
19 Answer .mp3 Download 980 KB
20 Hunter Base.mp3 Download 1.53 MB
21 Talking Funk.mp3 Download 906 KB
22 Darkness Foreboding.mp3 Download 1.77 MB
23 World Of Thought.mp3 Download 2.02 MB
24 Sadness And Regret I.mp3 Download 2.02 MB
25 Liberions Fate.mp3 Download 1.03 MB
26 Central Tower.mp3 Download 1.95 MB
27 Thick Forest Of Secret Treasures.mp3 Download 1.71 MB
28 Liberions Ambition.mp3 Download 1.11 MB
29 Mystery Of The Force Metals.mp3 Download 994 KB
30 Mysterious Enemy.mp3 Download 680 KB
31 Energy Of The Unknown.mp3 Download 2.50 MB
32 Event Battle.mp3 Download 2.06 MB
33 Undaunted.mp3 Download 2.07 MB
34 In The Nick Of Time.mp3 Download 1.95 MB
35 The Groups Destitute Place.mp3 Download 1.92 MB
36 Sadness And Regret Ii.mp3 Download 3.35 MB
37 Illusion Palace Of The Stone Desert.mp3 Download 1.67 MB
38 Irregular Hunt Ii.mp3 Download 1.82 MB
39 Executive Battle.mp3 Download 2.21 MB
40 Dark Dance Of Ice River.mp3 Download 2.44 MB
41 Im Borock .mp3 Download 1.93 MB
42 Face Beaming With Joy.mp3 Download 1.33 MB
43 Metropolis Of Antiquity.mp3 Download 1.47 MB
44 Epsilons 1st Movement.mp3 Download 1.79 MB
45 Epsilons 2nd Movement.mp3 Download 2.32 MB
46 Law And Order.mp3 Download 2.41 MB
47 Memory Of Gigantis.mp3 Download 638 KB
48 Game Over.mp3 Download 106 KB
49 Judgement Of Truth.mp3 Download 2.48 MB
50 Certain Victory Ninetails.mp3 Download 2.16 MB
51 Redips 1st Movement.mp3 Download 1.93 MB
52 Redips 2nd Movement.mp3 Download 5.59 MB
53 Redips 3rd Movement.mp3 Download 3.22 MB
54 Demise.mp3 Download 1.37 MB
55 Fate Of The Irregular Hunters.mp3 Download 1.47 MB
56 Parts Capricious Comet .mp3 Download 4.99 MB
57 Jounetsu Setsuna Game Edit Asami Abe .mp3 Download 1.94 MB
58 Bonus Track Theme Of Mega Man X Command Mission.mp3 Download 2.05 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

Wow! Thanks dude! It's great the people like you (people who put this stuff on the net just so other people can get some enjoyment out of it) exist, now I cna listen to my favourite tunes whenever I like!

Thanks a Bunch!

Leigh Harvey

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

A truly excellent compilation. Laregly focused on techno-inspired beats, the soundtrack has its fair share of pristine, slow paced peices, such as my fave - Land of Oblivion, easy listening background music, and the fast, intense confontational themes. All of the music fits brilliantly into its use in the game, and is more than mere filler. Surprisingly, the entire soundtrack is quite diverse, and there are sure to be many tracks that will appeal to anyone's tastes.

Those who enjoy techno, technoesque game music, or good quality game music in general should download this soundtrack now.
Recommended Tracks:
*Land Of Oblivion
*Unknown Energy
*Irregular Hunt 1
*Sadness and Regret 2
*Dark Dance Of Ice River
*Epsilons' Second Movement
*Certain Victory Ninetails

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Truly amazing,I own this game, and it has good music for a Megaman RPG, but nonetheless this game has memorable tunes that will stick in your head forever. My favorites are:
*Land Of Oblivion
*Unknown Energy
*Spider Magic
*Standby Zero
*Redips Third Movement
*Fight X
*Strength and Valor
Oh the list just goes on and on I tell ya! =D

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

God, this game was awesome. One word:

Nostalgia. Silverhorn was actually a tough boss for me... no idea why.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

Resolution is missing! It's track 36 in the Sky Room music collection. Though, I admit this is one soundtrack I've been looking for, it's not that complete. So I'm only giving it a good enough but not bad score. I appreciate it anyway.

Submitted by Lan4015
Rating: 10/10

Very Good OST collection!the quality is ok,thanks!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

There is no Wild Jango theme ~Steal Hope Back~ :( but overall i love megaman themes

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