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Ridge Racer Franchise & Rave Racer Mixes

Year: 2022

Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 1,173 MB (MP3), 4,627 MB (FLAC)
Date Added: Sep 16th, 2022
Album type: Compilation
Uploaded by: HighVoltage103

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. Ridge Racer Mix 15:55 30.91 MB 119.95 MB get_app
2. Ridge Racer Revolution Mix 30:04 59.64 MB 230.65 MB get_app
3. Ridge Racer - Ridge Racer Revolution Mix 45:33 89.77 MB 347.53 MB get_app
4. Rave Racer Mix 34:49 69.30 MB 253.60 MB get_app
5. Ridge Racer 6 Mix 1:11:59 140.19 MB 539.57 MB get_app
6. Ridge Racer 6 Mix (Without Sueno Del ​Mar) 1:07:48 131.90 MB 510.84 MB get_app
7. Ridge Racer 3D Mix 42:07 81.40 MB 317.47 MB get_app
8. Ridge Racer Vita Mix 35:44 68.55 MB 281.66 MB get_app
9. Mix Inspired By The Nonstop Audio - ​Nitrous Groove Remix (Part 1) 44:25 84.62 MB 336.12 MB get_app
10. Mix Inspired By The Nonstop Audio - ​Nitrous Groove Remix (Part 2) 48:00 90.71 MB 373.63 MB get_app
11. Mix Inspired By The Nonstop Audio - ​Nitrous Groove Remix (Both Parts) 1:31:14 173.04 MB 700.93 MB get_app
12. HighVoltage103's Personal Mix 1:19:34 153.18 MB 615.01 MB get_app

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04:47 Sep 17th, 2022Offline

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The new track added here is my own personal mix. 20 of what I think are the best Ridge Racer songs ever made. You may be surprised by some of these tunes. Two of these tunes are from Ridge Racer 7, so that game gets some love. It was very hard to pick just 20 when there are so many amazing tunes out there. Enjoy the mix! And as always, credit for every single tune goes out to their respective artists, so be sure to support them!!!


08:30 Sep 16th, 2022Offline

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This album was updated on 16th of September, 2022.


03:40 Mar 13th, 2022Offline

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Here's the update for this soundtrack. First and foremost, both Ridge Racer 6 mixes are now in FLAC format! Not only that, because the Nonstop Audio/Nitrous Remix from the 20th Anniversary album has it, the song, Find Your Way has also been added to both mixes! It's now the first song you hear instead of Explorers. The Nonstop Audio/Nitrous Groove Remix inspired me to get into both the 3D and Vita soundtracks and have done mixes for each one as well as my own mix for the Nitrous Groove Remix. There's a few surprises for some songs in the Nitrous Groove Remix and you'll notice by listening. I went all out for this one so have fun listening! Since the Nitrous Groove mix is over 90 minutes long, I also made two parts for the song. Songs 1-12 in the first part that ends with I Want You from Ridge Racer 6 and songs 13-24 that starts with the beginning of NOx Warheads from Ridge Racer 3D and ends with Grip from the 20th Anniversary album for the second part. Oh, and because the first part of the Nitrous Groove song has Sueno Del Mar, if there's any demand to have a seperate track without it as well as the 90 minute song not having it, I will do so.

Enjoy the new songs!!!


12:44 May 17th, 2020Offline

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aces4839, formerly of ffshrine here, now HighVoltage103. This is something of a fan-based soundtrack that I put my heart and soul into. Each song has multiple racing tunes added somewhere along the way. And for those who couldn't stand Sueno del Mar like I couldn't, I added the second Ridge Racer 6 mix for those who didn't like it. If I could do one for Ridge Racer 7, I could, but I don't have looping tracks from every song to even consider working on. Enjoy!