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Red Steel OST

Year: 2006

Number of Files: 22
Total Filesize: 83 MB
Date Added: Aug 5th, 2007

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Tokai San 1:51 3.17 MB get_app
2. Escape 2:33 4.82 MB get_app
3. Meet The Yakuzas 2:29 4.67 MB get_app
4. Dojo 1:50 2.83 MB get_app
5. Katana Giri Theme 2:38 5.09 MB get_app
6. Extreme Wheels Garage 2:15 3.98 MB get_app
7. Ryushi San 2:08 4.09 MB get_app
8. Patchinko 1:16 2.50 MB get_app
9. Angel's Heaven Lobby 2:30 4.57 MB get_app
10. Angel's Heaven 3:10 5.66 MB get_app
11. Welcome to Japan 2:15 4.23 MB get_app
12. Otori San 2:37 4.61 MB get_app
13. Thankful Miyu 1:58 3.38 MB get_app
14. Tokyo Night 1:56 3.30 MB get_app
15. The Lounge 0:37 1.01 MB get_app
16. Restaurant Lounge 3:03 4.71 MB get_app
17. Shiba Financial Group 3:41 6.81 MB get_app
18. Club World 0:40 1.14 MB get_app
19. Aerodrome Chase 2:20 4.34 MB get_app
20. Car Showroom 0:38 1.13 MB get_app
21. Club Dance 0:42 1.24 MB get_app
22. Most Dangerous Game 3:03 5.57 MB get_app

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Guest Reviewer

01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Beautiful soundtrack. The game wasn't all that great, was a really great launch title for the Wii and was fun but nothing really extra after beating the game. The sountrack has a great mix of traditional Japanese with rock and pop added in. I think this the entire OST though I could be wrong.

This is madness!
NO!...THIS...IS...PATRICK! -kicks-

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Guest Reviewer

01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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I really anjoy the soundtrack for this game (which I have), the music for this game is probably the best thing in the game (as the game was mostly like a James Bond Game with a Katana, plus the fact that there were a few playing irregularites and some glitches as well). But overall, great.