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Real Football 2014


Platforms: Android, Mobile
Year: 2013
Catalog Number: N/A
Developed by: Gameloft Software Beijing Ltd.
Published by: Gameloft S.A.

Number of Files: 7
Total Filesize: 3 MB (MP3), 4 MB (OGG)
Date Added: Mar 19th, 2023
Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: AlexDragan2165

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  # Song Name MP3 OGG    
1. Main Menu 0:56 1.31 MB 0.92 MB get_app
2. The Academy 0:27 0.36 MB 0.51 MB get_app
3. Match Won 0:20 0.29 MB 0.48 MB get_app
4. Match Lost 0:19 0.28 MB 0.47 MB get_app
5. You Won The Championship 0:21 0.29 MB 0.48 MB get_app
6. Misc 1 0:18 0.26 MB 0.47 MB get_app
7. Misc 2 0:17 0.25 MB 0.46 MB get_app


Real Football 2014 is the eleventh 2D entry in Gameloft's annual series of mobile football games. Like with Real Football 2013 there are two different versions. For phones with buttons the game uses the traditional portrait mode with an isometric camera while for devices with higher resolutions and touch screens the game uses an elevated side view perspective. The game uses the same controls as previous releases and has mostly the same visuals.

The game includes most of the game modes of previous games. This include numerous leagues and cups as well as the challenge mode which is here called Legendary. Become the Pro (a revamped version of Enter the Legend) and Club Manager also returns while the RF Lottery feature from Real Football 2013 has been removed. Instead a game mode called Skills Lab has been added. The Skills Lab is made up of mini-game challenges in five categories: dribble, penalty, free kick, hit the crossbar and scoring drill. In each there are 50 levels and the player can earn up to three stars in each depending on performance. The player can also be awarded RF points which can be used to unlock special features such as teams, items and game modes.

Unlike previous entries in the series this version does not use any licensees and has completely made up player names and the team names are geographical.

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