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Ray'z Music Chronology Disc 07 RayCrisis Soundtrack

Year: 2017
Catalog Number: ZTTL-0093
Developed by: Taito

Number of Files: 14
Total Filesize: 160 MB
Date Added: Feb 17th, 2019
Album type: Soundtrack

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. Shoujo no Koui wa Mou Owatta noka ​[attraction] 0:40 3.03 MB get_app
2. Jibun de Eranda Goumon [waiting] 1:13 4.03 MB get_app
3. 99% Ja Dame da, 100% Janakya Dame nanda ​[player select] 1:38 4.80 MB get_app
4. Rabendaa no Saku Niwa [story1 bgm] 13:48 27.07 MB get_app
5. Seimei no Kaze ga Fuku Basho [story2 ​bgm] 11:48 23.41 MB get_app
6. Onna no Ko ni wa Senchimentaru nante ​Kanjou wa nai [story3 bgm] 15:49 30.77 MB get_app
7. Kanojo no Mokuteki [story4 bgm] 13:46 27.00 MB get_app
8. Futatsu no Ekitai [continue] 0:41 3.05 MB get_app
9. Shikyou wa Itta 'Sore wa Kiseki Janai' ​[Last boss type-a] 5:33 11.96 MB get_app
10. Seibo Maria yo, Futari o Naze Betsubetsu ​ni [Last boss type-b] 3:40 8.53 MB get_app
11. Douwa no Kieta Mori [ending type-a] 1:35 4.69 MB get_app
12. Tenshi no Tsumeato [ending type-b] 0:40 3.03 MB get_app
13. Ai ga Tarinai [game over] 1:04 3.75 MB get_app
14. Douwa no Kieta Mori (complete version) 1:37 4.75 MB get_app

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