RayForce Rubbing Beat

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Album name: RayForce Rubbing Beat
Number of Files: 13
Total Filesize: 135 MB (MP3), 374 MB (FLAC)
Date added: Jun 11th, 2021

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  # Song Name MP3 FLAC  
1. PENETRATION 4:45 9.15 MB 29.42 MB get_app
2. G 4:05 7.52 MB 23.06 MB get_app
3. AGGRESIVENESS 5:19 9.96 MB 23.98 MB get_app
4. VISION 6:44 12.35 MB 29.46 MB get_app
5. CRACKING! 6:23 11.74 MB 37.39 MB get_app
6. DESTRUCTIVE OF POWER 6:02 10.57 MB 29.41 MB get_app
7. INTO DARKNESS 9:03 16.06 MB 41.46 MB get_app
8. MOBIUS 5:41 10.66 MB 30.06 MB get_app
9. ATROCITY 5:05 9.28 MB 24.34 MB get_app
10. QUARTS 7:51 14.65 MB 42.35 MB get_app
11. THE FATES × DOOMS DAY 6:37 12.35 MB 30.63 MB get_app
12. RIBBING RUBBING MIX 4:35 8.00 MB 24.20 MB get_app
13. Q.E.P.D. 1:52 3.13 MB 8.71 MB get_app

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01:14 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

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Nice reinterpretatio n of the awesome Taito classic.
I actually expected something closer to the original, and the original feeling in some of some of the tracks is so faded to make them unrecognizable if it wasn't for the title. Still, it's a pleasure to listen to. Being a fan of the game, I would still prefer the original soundtrack when playing.

The chorus version of Q.E.P.D. is absolutely marvellous and worth a special note. I find it not easy to make sense of, as it's sung by non-mother-tong ue singers (probably japanese). I managed to find the lyrics somewhere around the internet by googling for the sentences I could understand. For those interested, here it is:

Oh Master
Grant them eternal repose
Give them your love
Forgive them their sins
Show them the true way

Release them from all worldly desires
Save them from the abyss
As they turn to face new beginnings
Pur ify them
Absolve them

Heed our prayer
They did not choose the wrong path
They simply followed their destiny
They have been purified
And now they sleep

Praise them
Praise their spirits
At the end of the night
The dawn will surely come
Grand them repose
Grand their souls peace
For new beginnings

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