Portal In-game music (Ripped)

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Album name: Portal In-game music (Ripped)
Number of Files: 12
Total Filesize: 40.19 MB
Date added: Dec 6th, 2007

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Song Name Download Size
portal_4000_degrees_kelvin.mp3 Download 962.34 KB
portal_android_hell.mp3 Download 3.44 MB
portal_no_cake_for_you.mp3 Download 3.74 MB
portal_party_escort.mp3 Download 3.99 MB
portal_procedural_jiggle_bone.mp3 Download 4.19 MB
portal_self_esteem_fund.mp3 Download 3.21 MB
portal_still_alive.mp3 Download 5.38 MB
portal_stop_what_you_are_doing.mp3 Download 3.66 MB
portal_subject_name_here.mp3 Download 1.59 MB
portal_taste_of_blood.mp3 Download 2.84 MB
portal_youre_not_a_good_person.mp3 Download 1.29 MB
portal_you_cant_escape_you_know.mp3 Download 5.86 MB


Submitted by kilari
Rating: 5/10

Très bonnes musiques qui reflètent bien le coté solitaire de cette aventure. Le "Still Alive" de Gladios à la fin est superbe, merci a Jonathan Coulton.

Submitted by Bredok
Rating: 9/10

i think who ever did this forgot to include the music from the radio at the beginning and throughout various levels, then again, its not really considered "music" because when you turn all the audio options off except music, it mutes out the radio because they classify it as "sound effects" so yeh, someone plz get it, nice album anyway...

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

That song they play at the the end of the game, "Still Alive" was witty and it made me roll with laughter~ I love it!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

Je ne parle pas French bon. I dont speak french well, but I think the other review says something like "Very good music... The "Still alive" is Great"

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

alles was ich nur wissen will wie könnte ich mir so Spiele am ehesten herunterladen mhm wie könnt ich auf dieser Homepage daß denn genau. Naja ich meinte kann man sich hier auch music downloaden geht daß auch dann net daß ich mich erkundigt habe

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

As relaxing/thinki ng game music goes, I can't find one better than Self Esteem Fund yet.

For the Radio, it's in one of the other Portal links in this site.

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