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Mushroom Era


Грибная эра
Mushroom Age

Platforms: Windows
Year: 2008
Developed by: Nevosoft
Published by: Alawar Entertainment, Nevosoft

Number of Files: 16
Total Filesize: 21 MB (MP3), 8 MB (OGG)
Date Added: Feb 20th, 2024
Album type: Gamerip
Uploaded by: REDS SUCK (100% BLUE)

Download all songs at once: click to download (OGG+MP3)
  # Song Name MP3 OGG    
1. Main Theme 1:10 2.00 MB 0.92 MB get_app
2. Christ 1 0:51 1.23 MB 0.34 MB get_app
3. Christ 2 1:09 1.68 MB 0.46 MB get_app
4. Christ 3 0:53 1.30 MB 0.50 MB get_app
5. Christ 4 0:43 1.08 MB 0.29 MB get_app
6. Christ 5 0:19 0.50 MB 0.14 MB get_app
7. Fun 1:19 2.36 MB 1.04 MB get_app
8. God 0:48 1.12 MB 0.28 MB get_app
9. Hero 1:28 2.46 MB 1.11 MB get_app
10. Kolybel 0:23 0.52 MB 0.14 MB get_app
11. Mushrooms 1:00 1.62 MB 0.73 MB get_app
12. Nostradamus 0:39 0.57 MB 0.24 MB get_app
13. Robot 1:05 1.77 MB 0.51 MB get_app
14. Sokrat 0:39 1.14 MB 0.54 MB get_app
15. Ugu 0:26 0.73 MB 0.35 MB get_app
16. Wedding 0:37 0.99 MB 0.29 MB get_app


Dear Mushrooms!

Finally, an exclusive working copy of the Mushroom Era game has been placed at the disposal of our Mega Portal, which we are proud and happy to provide to you, dear Mushrooms.

As it turned out recently, strange and amazing human beings could have lived on Earth in the prehistoric era. They moved on two legs, thought with the help of the so-called "brain", lived in "cities" (these are such large mycelium), and what is most surprising, they ate us mushrooms. The assumption about the existence of a human civilization was made on the basis of a find excavated in the valley of Yellow fly agarics, at 60 degrees of swamp dampness. The find is a computer game made by approximately 100 million people. years ago, which the staff of the Institute of Deep Gribotronics (IGG) managed to translate into modern mushroom language. You can download this amazing monument of ancient art and an archaeological (I'm not afraid of this word) bomb right now.

The plot of the game is epic. One woman (a female individual in humans) lost her lover (a male individual who provides her spores for reproduction). To get him back, she embarks on a journey through the epochs that took place in the history of the Earth, solving various puzzles and mini-games. From our current mushroom point of view, it is difficult to determine the reliability of certain historical information described in the game. However, the fact that the game itself is called the "Mushroom Era" and it depicts our mushroom civilization is surprisingly devastating. To what extent the rest of the events described in the game can claim authenticity and expand our knowledge about the past of our planet remains to be seen.

An IGG employee shared with us his personal impressions of the game: "100 million years ago, living beings on Earth experienced exactly the same sorrows and joys. At the beginning of the work on decoding the game, this thought even made the rot on my hat jump up. However, towards the end, the biocycles returned to normal, as the game still has a powerful positive cymus. In the comments to the game, the game genre "I'm looking for" is often mentioned, which "eventually has to go away," and "The Mushroom Era is a golden bullet capable of bringing down this monster." It's hard to understand what we're talking about now, and what kind of genre I'm Looking for, but obviously we got our hands on a revolutionary game of its time."

In conclusion, dear Mushrooms, I would like to note that, despite the fact that our mushroom civilization is the most advanced of the civilizations known to us, we still remain in considerable ignorance about the past of our planet. However, as well as about the future. However, this cannot in any way prevent us from enjoying the wonderful work of computer creativity of this strange ancient era, the era of people.

More cosmic thoughts for your hats and warm moss for your feet! We guarantee you an exciting passage of the Mushroom Era game!

P. S. OGG files are uploaded due to the fact that I am not sure of the quality of the MP3 that I did

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