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Mario Golf 64

Platforms: N64

Number of Files: 20
Total Filesize: 86 MB
Date Added: Nov 23rd, 2006

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  # Song Name MP3  
1. intro 1:51 2.17 MB get_app
2. main menu 2:06 2.64 MB get_app
3. training menu 1:24 1.50 MB get_app
4. training 2:33 3.30 MB get_app
5. toad highlands 4:06 5.06 MB get_app
6. toad tournament 4:37 5.73 MB get_app
7. yoshi's island 3:09 4.10 MB get_app
8. yoshi championship 4:46 6.00 MB get_app
9. koopa park 4:37 5.65 MB get_app
10. koopa cup 4:10 5.37 MB get_app
11. shy guy desert 3:12 3.62 MB get_app
12. shy guy international 3:50 5.22 MB get_app
13. boo valley 3:27 3.75 MB get_app
14. boo classic 3:56 5.21 MB get_app
15. bets 1:07 1.14 MB get_app
16. mini golf 3:46 4.64 MB get_app
17. ring shot menu 5:04 6.94 MB get_app
18. ring shot 4:03 5.24 MB get_app
19. mario open 3:56 4.54 MB get_app
20. mario's star 3:28 4.12 MB get_app

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+ Comment

user avatar

Guest Reviewer

01:16 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

I'm feeling compelled to agree with the colleague who said that the mario golf series has a soundtrack better than mario tennis. It really is superior and much more relaxing, It puts you inside the game in a way that tennis can not. Besides the quality being superior another point to be highlighted is the variety that is also greater. Anyway, brilliant in every way. .

user avatar

Guest Reviewer

01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

Motoi Sakuraba made the GOLDEN SUN sundtrack!!!
A nd we all know that's the best one ever made !
The ring shot track is awesome, i will use it in Super Mario Brothers X !

user avatar

Guest Reviewer

01:13 Apr 25th, 2020Offline

comment graphic

I have to say: The music of "Mario Golf" is much better than "Mario Tennis".

This is just my opinion, but I think a lot of people share my opinion too. I hope you think about it and download this awesome soundtrack! Motoi Sakuraba is also the composer of Star Ocean, the Tales series and a lof of other games.