Kingdom Hearts II OST

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Album name: Kingdom Hearts II OST
Number of Files: 24
Total Filesize: 104.38 MB
Date added: Aug 26th, 2007
Released on: Playstation 2   

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  Track Song Name MP3
301. Dearly Beloved 4:19 6.61 MB
302. Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental​Version- 3:43 6.15 MB
303. Passion -opening version- 4:26 7.80 MB
304. Lazy Afternoons 3:11 5.09 MB
305. Sinister Sundown 2:08 3.65 MB
306. The Escapade 2:04 3.76 MB
307. Dive into the Heart -Destati- 2:59 4.86 MB
308. Fragments of Sorrow 2:18 3.83 MB
309. Tension Rising 2:39 4.50 MB
310. Kairi 1:28 2.33 MB
311. Amy's Sadness 3:32 5.91 MB
312. The 13th Struggle 3:13 5.33 MB
313. Roxas 2:27 3.74 MB
314. Sora 2:22 3.80 MB
315. The Afternoon Streets 2:59 4.82 MB
316. Working Together 2:32 4.39 MB
317. Friends in My Heart 1:45 2.66 MB
318. Magical Mystery 1:41 2.52 MB
319. A Twinkle in the Sky 1:32 2.41 MB
320. Reviving Hollow Bastion 3:27 5.56 MB
321. Scherzo Di Notte 2:06 3.24 MB
322. Laughter and Merriment 1:55 3.15 MB
323. Desire for All That Is Lost 2:34 4.08 MB
324. Organization XIII 2:32 4.21 MB


Submitted by sonicf
Rating: 4/10

i like the fact that there's some songs, but where's the rest of the soundtrack? i was looking forward to getting the sweet version of Destiny Island. *pouting*

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

To soranounmei, I think it is under Kingdom Hearts II OST 4, which is the last part of the complete soundtrack. It was probably split up because of the popularity of downloading it, and to make finding the songs you want easier. *drying tears* :)

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

I dont know about you, but i had always wanted the "Tension rising" for as long as i cou;d remember laying my ears on that piece of music. Thanks so much.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

OMG can't believe I finally found the complete soundtrack downloads. Thnks a bunch, this is so AWESOME!!!

Submitted by ijea4444
Rating: 10/10

And it plays the songs twice in a row..... I have been looking for this so long! Love ya whoever submitted these. ^^

Go KH!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

good job its an awesome soundtrack
the best your the best
"birth by sleep" "death by fatigue"

Submitted by ActicsDenDers
Rating: 10/10

Just to let everyone know, that the second Orginisation-xiii is Dearly Beloved.

Anyways, I love the KH soundtrack. C:

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Thank u for all those nice downloads guys :D The best site Ever ;)

Well Kingdom Hearts OST'S are awesome so.. Njoy all

Submitted by herbertco9l
Rating: 10/10

10 stars, but I found one flaw. The second Organization XIII is actually Dearly Beloved 2, which is what I was looking for in the other soundtracks. Haha! Anyway, great track!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

do they have the song from the kingdom hearts 358daysover2 commercial?? if so wat is it under?? if not where can i download it? thanks in advance

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I rly like this game! one of my favorite ps2 games. I cant wait till I get 385/2 days. I wonder when birth by sleep will arive... :/ Itsa mystery.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

BEST.VIDEO GAME. EVER. Now we just need the Birth by Sleep OST. I still have Land of Departure battle theme stuck in my head, which makes me want 2 cram it deeper into my noggin.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Darn it. KH fantardoms are returning. Ah well. I still like the seamless quality of sound and skill in these tracks.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

All right!! thank you very much!!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Bro you rock! Kingdom Hearts Forever!

Submitted by Black5Lion
Rating: 10/10

Thank you very much!

Submitted by NoHeart
Rating: 10/10

Kingdom Heaaaaaaaaarts! !!!!!!!! Roxas is awesome! :D

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