Gran Turismo ~Western Editions~

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Album name: Gran Turismo ~Western Editions~
Number of Files: 42
Total Filesize: 172.39 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006
Album type: Game

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Song Name Download Size
101 everything must go (chemical brothers remix).mp3 Download 5.13 MB
102 arcade mode menu.mp3 Download 1.63 MB
103 manufacturer (car select screen).mp3 Download 3.18 MB
104 start your engines.mp3 Download 242.12 KB
105 high.mp3 Download 7.23 MB
106 as heaven is wide.mp3 Download 8.17 MB
107 lose control.mp3 Download 6.56 MB
108 oxyacetylene.mp3 Download 7.21 MB
109 skeletal.mp3 Download 7.40 MB
110 autonomy.mp3 Download 8.18 MB
111 industry.mp3 Download 7.44 MB
112 sweet 16.mp3 Download 5.95 MB
113 chicken on a bone.mp3 Download 6.29 MB
114 shade.mp3 Download 7.50 MB
115 tangerine.mp3 Download 6.37 MB
116 end of race.mp3 Download 236.12 KB
117 qualify - results.mp3 Download 1.60 MB
118 new record.mp3 Download 1.67 MB
119 race menu.mp3 Download 5.05 MB
201 simulation mode menu.mp3 Download 3.85 MB
202 my home.mp3 Download 3.84 MB
203 car shop - chevrolet.mp3 Download 3.58 MB
204 car shop - honda & acura.mp3 Download 4.76 MB
205 car shop - mitsubishi.mp3 Download 3.44 MB
206 car shop - toyota.mp3 Download 4.68 MB
207 car shop - tvr.mp3 Download 4.84 MB
208 car shop - dodge.mp3 Download 4.35 MB
209 car shop - aston martin.mp3 Download 4.27 MB
210 car shop - mazda.mp3 Download 4.97 MB
211 car shop - nissan.mp3 Download 5.43 MB
212 car shop - subaru.mp3 Download 4.67 MB
213 buying.mp3 Download 102.12 KB
214 selling.mp3 Download 96.12 KB
215 car wash.mp3 Download 4.15 MB
216 go race.mp3 Download 5.19 MB
217 prize received.mp3 Download 1.38 MB
218 license acquired.mp3 Download 2.97 MB
219 earnings - credits.mp3 Download 1.48 MB
220 end of cup.mp3 Download 976.12 KB
221 unknown 1.mp3 Download 2.41 MB
222 unknown 2.mp3 Download 1.89 MB
223 unknown 3.mp3 Download 1.73 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

was lookin all over for this. Thanks for uploading!!!! gran turismo is mint, cant wait for 4 to come out

Submitted by rysey95y
Rating: 10/10

I was always fond of the music from Gran Turismo

Submitted by praisesnige
Rating: 5/10

great music, remindes me of the days when i would spend endless time racing in the tournaments. thanx alot!~

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Excelent Music for an excelent game. Thank you!

I downloading all the files =)

...Rafael from El Salvador Centro America.

_Sorry for my english is too bad =(

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This album is a best soundtrack "gran turismo"
I wanted this soundtrack , I am very happy and glad

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Were some of the songs really included in the game? I don't ever recall hearing them while playing GT. They're not even mentioned in the game manual. Could they be unused tracks hidden in the CDs?

Anyway, all of the songs were great, including the instrumentals!

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

I remember playing the frickin' DEMO of Gran Turismo. It was like some CD of Playstation Underground (IIRC) Other demos included there were Blasto!, Tomba, and even Tail Concerto in Japanese! The car select screen music was my very favorite.

Submitted by youngwolf
Rating: 10/10

excellent. i love you .
this site is perfect and exactly what I want.
thank you 1000 times

Submitted by Wandico
Rating: 9/10

Thank you very much. Splendid soundtrack for a wonderful videogame.
I especially love the car shop tracks!

Submitted by SateshR
Rating: 6/10

Good downloading experience...

Submitted by Nateel
Rating: 10/10

This album gave me nostalgic shivers up my spine. I am so glad to find this.

Submitted by Magrant
Rating: 10/10

You just don't know. This game, was my introduction into the world of Sony and the Playstation. This game and soundtrack will always be my favorite. It was so hard to find, but I am happy it's in an amazing quality. Thank you!!!!

Submitted by Icharinkoride
Rating: 10/10

Recovered great soundtracks, Thank you from Mexico.

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