Gran Turismo 4 Original Game Soundtrack

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Album name: Gran Turismo 4 Original Game Soundtrack
Number of Files: 22
Total Filesize: 109.38 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01 moon over the castle ~orchestral version~.mp3 Download 4.59 MB
02 kiss you good-bye.mp3 Download 5.85 MB
03 get closer.mp3 Download 6.83 MB
04 freedom to win.mp3 Download 6.90 MB
05 nobody.mp3 Download 6.40 MB
06 green monster.mp3 Download 5.78 MB
07 drive you crazy.mp3 Download 4.60 MB
08 vette lug.mp3 Download 4.65 MB
09 the motorious zone.mp3 Download 2.65 MB
10 hypnosis.mp3 Download 2.42 MB
11 an old bassman.mp3 Download 3.16 MB
12 mission impossible.mp3 Download 2.46 MB
13 don't kick yourself.mp3 Download 3.07 MB
14 be at home.mp3 Download 3.14 MB
15 from the east to the west.mp3 Download 2.83 MB
16 endless journey ver.i.mp3 Download 2.19 MB
17 light velocity ver.ii.mp3 Download 3.11 MB
18 horizon.mp3 Download 2.87 MB
19 it's all about you.mp3 Download 7.76 MB
20 soul surfer.mp3 Download 8.54 MB
21 what to believe.mp3 Download 10.82 MB
22 break down.mp3 Download 8.64 MB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

This had more cars, my real car, and more
tracks then GT5:Prologue on the PS3. I loved playing GT4 on my PS3 until I was forced
with a newer model that no longer could play
PS2 games. At least this album can save onto my PS3. So thank you for the music and the memories.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 4/10

My version has 97 tracks. Propably that's another version of the game (American?). I wish I could find all 97 tracks, not only 22. :(

Blabla, review not long enough.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

Yea! Where are our Menu Soundtracks?

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 5/10

this sound track lacks some tracks which i came here for... should be label as uncomplete.

Submitted by shota1990
Rating: 10/10

grate!I am enjoying myself with GT from the time of a junior high school.
Even now, GT5 is enjoyed.
Especially a favorite thing is the music of GT4.
It is wonderful whenever it may hear it.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 7/10

Some techno tracks couldn't found here...

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