Gauntlet Legends (PSX Rip)

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Album name: Gauntlet Legends (PSX Rip)
Number of Files: 63
Total Filesize: 159.82 MB
Date added: Nov 21st, 2006

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Song Name Download Size
01.mp3 Download 8.11 MB
02.mp3 Download 7.62 MB
03.mp3 Download 7.32 MB
04.mp3 Download 7.23 MB
05.mp3 Download 6.09 MB
06.mp3 Download 6.05 MB
07.mp3 Download 5.35 MB
08.mp3 Download 5.26 MB
09.mp3 Download 4.70 MB
10.mp3 Download 3.84 MB
11.mp3 Download 4.19 MB
12.mp3 Download 4.07 MB
13.mp3 Download 4.03 MB
14.mp3 Download 3.77 MB
15.mp3 Download 3.65 MB
16.mp3 Download 3.64 MB
17.mp3 Download 3.51 MB
18.mp3 Download 7.05 MB
19.mp3 Download 3.30 MB
20.mp3 Download 3.14 MB
21.mp3 Download 3.09 MB
22.mp3 Download 2.96 MB
23.mp3 Download 2.93 MB
24.mp3 Download 2.84 MB
25.mp3 Download 2.82 MB
26.mp3 Download 2.81 MB
27.mp3 Download 2.74 MB
28.mp3 Download 2.73 MB
29.mp3 Download 5.76 MB
30.mp3 Download 2.70 MB
31.mp3 Download 2.46 MB
32.mp3 Download 2.13 MB
33.mp3 Download 1.85 MB
34.mp3 Download 1.72 MB
35.mp3 Download 2.57 MB
36.mp3 Download 1.29 MB
37.mp3 Download 1.19 MB
38.mp3 Download 717.67 KB
39.mp3 Download 706.04 KB
40.mp3 Download 706.04 KB
41.mp3 Download 434.81 KB
42.mp3 Download 437.26 KB
43.mp3 Download 404.81 KB
44.mp3 Download 380.94 KB
45.mp3 Download 421.34 KB
46.mp3 Download 384.61 KB
47.mp3 Download 251.14 KB
48.mp3 Download 286.04 KB
49.mp3 Download 288.49 KB
50.mp3 Download 229.71 KB
51.mp3 Download 278.69 KB
52.mp3 Download 232.16 KB
53.mp3 Download 300.73 KB
54.mp3 Download 252.36 KB
55.mp3 Download 252.36 KB
56.mp3 Download 252.36 KB
57.mp3 Download 1.15 MB
58.mp3 Download 1.95 MB
59.mp3 Download 982.77 KB
60.mp3 Download 974.81 KB
61.mp3 Download 320.94 KB
62.mp3 Download 619.71 KB
63.mp3 Download 163.59 KB


Submitted by Guest
Rating: 10/10

Gauntlet Legends Is an Incredible Game!!
All RPG Fans should try this game and if your into fighting and stuff..I love The Soundtrack..It just always sets the scene on the Battlefield.

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 1/10

Could whoever uploaded these please put the proper names of the songs up? I don't know which one is which....

Submitted by Guest
Rating: 9/10

This is a great soundtrack. I don't know why so many people have got something against Gauntlet. The game's epic with epic music to match.Whoever uploaded these has done a great job. Great quality.
Only problem is the names of the mp3's. Unable to tell which one is which until they are downloaded.

Submitted by oldgooseberry
Rating: 10/10

Exceptional sound quality, 10/10. Thanks so much for taking the time making these, they sound better then my ps2 version of the game actually ! Awesome game too.

Submitted by Marrionette
Rating: 10/10

Hahaha I love it XD

I was just searching for a random game soundtrack and thought to see if ya'll had this XD It is my favorite game ever - ESPECIALLY the zombie area

track four is the Forsaken Fields I THINK not positive. been a while XD

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